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00, such as Mu Traveling2010-04-20 01:11:13 +0000 #1
Members Big Brother Big Sister 0. 0 total less I play badminton species domineering, and the face of opponents call a fast ball is always a chance of involuntary call up 0, 0 I change how? ? Recommended point badminton skills training a good way right? ? Thank you! ! I really want to improve. . First improve the ah. .
hSeaSky2010-04-20 01:19:51 +0000 #2
own character decision. . .

No need to change. . Also switch over.

Lindane roll the dice. There are a few players to learn from?

The best way to find your own game.

According to their characteristics and footwork to play the situation. . Find a method that best suits your playing. .

Also I am a big school teams in Xi'an

just a little into rookie is basically new to the training steps

1: grip. . Swing

2: step up front. Ball

3: lofty goals. Hack hanging

4: to a certain level. . The ball after the field. Step

5. Grand practice Yonago step. .

As for strength training

1: nothing to take pieces of brick or bottle only move up the wrist. . Up until the wrist pain.

2. Jump rope. . . There are long leapfrog. . Are you tired every day so far

3. Pulled ligament. . At least is going to be able to fork.

4. 8 with the wrist holding a racket painted word. That is a sign of being infinite. Exercise wrist flexibility. Because the ball is changed by the wrist to change direction.

5. Under the waist. To be able to go under. . Smash is the body at the waist by then resilience. Directly related to the quality of your shot and kill the ball speed. . Priority.

Essentially so much. . Still have to play to feel more than a

do not know how to shout it. .
Cadily2010-04-20 01:52:04 +0000 #3
body needs to try to stand in the position of the ball after the point of partial, not to the top of the additional shots, then use statistics wrist bending force, and should not use the whole arm strength, should not! ! !

The other, with the offensive racket high pound, 25-27 pounds, hitting a high intensity of pounds.

Hope can help you! !
Master not ah2010-04-20 01:54:43 +0000 #4
Do not blindly on the high pound, pounds depending on their strength and force, and if the power is not enough, with the high pound is equivalent to an iron bar rackets, feel the flexibility of the film line.

Equipment is not the most important, the most important personal technology, action, hair force procedure.

Tell you that one of the most rapid way, if the other party to play fast ball over, not to hit in the past, lightly touch the ball better than just network, the other side is passive, and he must go to the net scrambling, which He again hit hard times after the market ...... can expect the following things have to.

I say just tip of the iceberg, are the basic drawing hanging tactics, the most important thing is to improve individual skill.



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