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red bar Lala2010-04-20 07:12:14 +0000 #1
I play there for two years, the general strength, like pulling out the backcourt, and now want to replace it with a new film, and the victory in the Yonex Ti5 NS4500 7 Sword 168 nm is difficult to choose between, hope receive adequate guidance, Details about several brands of its own characteristics
vieto_yoyo2010-04-20 07:27:29 +0000 #2
Personal recommendations: exclusion YY


more than satisfied considering also consider: RSL 4900, RS3200, KASON 105 and so on several.
Wang1994412010-04-20 07:37:53 +0000 #3
It depends on your own habits, and better store to professional ball, consulting. The staff there are very good pick basic clap.
HSeaSky2010-04-20 07:53:29 +0000 #4

made in Japan

racket frame material of carbon fiber, titanium metal mesh structure of the shaft material carbon fiber

Length 664mm (standard)

Weight 3U (85-89g)

recommended balanced balanced Rally 15 - 20 lbs

moderate flu shots for players like Pat, both offensive and defensive players

With a pat on the whole set of Yonex Titanium Series wiring BG65 line film sets

specific description:

1, titanium mesh Titanmum Mesh

by the YONEX engineers have developed titanium mesh weight, strength and weight of carbon fiber were 2.5 times and 2.3 times.

In the racket of the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock position Titanium Mesh symmetrical use of this weight, to increase the axial inertia of the racket,

to improve the racket face twisted in batting practice during the performance (stability of the racket face ), but also increase attack power racket head.


break wind Areo structure of the wind break beat box using wide-body design, making the shape of hollow box-wing aircraft and streamlined to reduce wind resistance and speed up the racket head speed and increase the racket striking power;

3, square racket head ISOMETRIC

compared with the traditional rackets, racket head square equalization can provide an extra 32% of the effective hitting area (sweet hitting area) even if the line is deviated from the racket of the continuous bed center

Button killing is also able to maintain the appropriate precision and speed. YONEX developed such a large sweet spot racket IsometricHead Shape,

so offensive players in today's fierce competitive international badminton has remained clear lead.

4, built-in alloy connector Built-in T-Joint

deeply hidden in the beat bar and carbon fiber shaft to the junction of the inner layer of the built-in T-shaped alloy fittings, high-precision two-stage process for all YONEX production of carbon fiber

racket perfectly connected a high-strength-in-one racket. This famous for the Build-in T-Joint worldwide exclusive, so YONEX racket while

both powerful performance and precise control of the ball performance.

For the crowd:

1, first joined the badminton, technology is not full of players to 2, non-power type, but the desire to attack player 3, responsive, powerful women in the wind the ball to 4 players, ball like a fighter Friends! 5, both offensive and defensive player of non-power-type


Location: Japan

racket frame material: high elastic carbon + Nano Technology

shoot pole material: high elastic carbon + Nano Technology

Length: 670mm

Weight: 3U (85-89g)

Recommended tension: 17

22 lbs

shot flu: Special soft soft √ moderate □ □ □ especially hard hard

for player rating: amateur senior shot 7

nm Frame material steel of high carbon fiber + nano-materials

the shaft material high steel carbon fiber + Slim Shaft + Nano Materials

Length 675mm (extended)

Recommended pull 20-24 pounds pounds pounds

26 pounds maximum pull

for player type offensive racket Features

1, NANO technology used to greatly enhance the hardness of the racket, a strong effect of deformation is small, more conducive to a strong offensive players the power play. In the tradition of the first film based on the square, a further expansion of racket designed to further increase the effective hitting area (sweet hitting area), even deviate from the center of the bed racket line continuous drum smash Yenengbaochi corresponding precision and speed;

2 new R & D-type hexagonal cross section of diamond film frame is triangular and square cross section of the complex, the structural stability of broken through the traditional limitations to provide greater power and strong control of the ball;

3 , T head on both sides of the seven special double with nails and screws, as in the network cable between the pad and in the framework of a rubber band to make rackets with shock absorbing more ah, effectively eliminate stress, increase the stability of the racket;

4, a special vehicle line grip handle leather, innovative non-slip surface texture with Chase and the pressure of bilateral holes designed to accelerate the air circulation and reduce humidity, non-slip hand. Super absorption power, moisture absorption of the MICRO FIBER (microfiber bottom), strong absorbent performance, comfortable feel.

5, the shaft diameter of 7 mm ultra-fine, good flexibility and strong attack power, defensive and offensive excellent results. 168

Sword victory VICTOR Sword 168 (BRAVE SOWRE 168) badminton

★ shaft to the flexible: Shao Ying

★ racket frame material: high carbon steel in the tube + Nano

★ Material: High rigidity

★ making carbon fiber body weight: 3U 4U

★ pull pounds: 3U horizontal ≤ 28Lbs vertical ≤ 26Lbs

4U horizontal ≤ 26Lbs vertical bar ≤ 24Lbs

★ making body length: 675mm

★ Suitable for: offensive

ti5 a defensive shot. . The other three are offensive shot

In addition, I do not recommend NS4500. Cost is not high.

The inside and the Sword on ti5 168 you can choose a

based on your play



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