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glacierwalker2010-04-20 18:10:32 +0000 #1
landing point and the relationship between scores
Yue to Southern people2010-04-20 18:25:43 +0000 #2
singles as shown inside the boundary edge field is outside after the field is on the landlord's question

If you look at the impact point at the side of the ball field between the two lines shall be out of bounds

If the ball impact point in the backcourt as the boundary between the two lines in

PS · singles line serving ibid., of course - but also with the service line before the field

Lastly, I hope the game can be rapidly landlord - free to see me play Yueqing ah
Tokgo 13 guns2010-04-20 18:50:51 +0000 #3
Thomas-Uber Cup tournament, feather joint plenary session will be convened to decide whether to vote to "3X21" as a permanent scoring system. The new scoring rules for the biggest change is the abolition of ace system, the implementation of the Rally Point System, another will win all the individual points of each Board is set at 21 points.

New scoring rules specify the following:

1 singles match, every game best of three games to take the system;

2, the first side to win by 21 points in the game;

3, if the two sides tied the score 20 to 20 the winning party has to win over opponents two points be considered;

4, if the two sides tied the score 29 versus 29, is the first to be a party to win 30 points;

5, the first side to win the next Board A game in the first serve; 6, when one side in the game after 11 points, both teams will rest one minute; 7, two Bureau of rest time between games to 2 minutes;

1 doubles match special rules, the right to change double ball Single-serve power;

2, after the service line to retain the existing rules apply;

3, before the start of the race, both players throwing coins by means of which party to choose after the first serve or serve;

example: if the two sides in the A / B a pair of combination and C / D combination between, A / B one chooses to serve. If you say the two men standing on the right hand area A, then A first serve to the diagonal position of the C (assumption), if the A / B side scored, then A and B need to exchange the station area, as well as from the A to serve, the ball distribution D (A / B side two points C and D do not change position);

If at this time C / D one score, then the four members of the two sides do not change position, serve in the hands of C / D side, the return of serve just to serve the D, D ball to the other players just serve A;

after serving if D C / D one score, then C and D exchange places continue to serve D to B; if D, after serving the score is A / B side, then both teams were not transposed, the right to serve to the B.

In addition to changes in general doubles as a party to serve both the right to serve the right, the other rules similar to the original rules, there is no significant change, football game will not feel up to, and perhaps the race pace and scores of growth faster is the first audience to see the most inappropriate game.
Yan degree Tianshan2010-04-20 19:12:38 +0000 #4
how to answer this baby so much, not Kaopu.

I'll give you a simple answer.

As long as the pressure in the line of effective, pressure line operator sector



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