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What badminton cork 3 fight Larry?

Reconciled bgx2010-04-22 08:11:13 +0000 #1
Cork three good fight good or Larry?
hSeaSky2010-04-22 08:13:20 +0000 #2
a kind of production process

cork badminton ball they can be divided into three categories: overall cork ball, composite cork ball, recycled cork ball ball now, there are two: one the whole cork ball, low-quality cork material easier to crack, a cork is the first Taiwan-fiber composite cricket (synthetic material), the strength of this ball is better.

Taiwan fiber structure of the first cricket:

ball head for the fiber material layer of about 13MM or so, the lower the cork. Lower soft this in three ways:

1, small particles broken cork, hardness below 60 in the Shaw Brothers (Taiwan and China cork plant patents);

2, large particles broken cork, hardness of 60 or more in Shaw (Shanghai Dongli ball factory patent);

3,13 MM whole cork (cork plant patent Shanghai Chongming Island) Shore hardness of 60 or more.

From the use of three ball situation, degree of resistance are playing much better than all cork, as one of the most important reason is the first flat cork ball will crack, and Taiwan fiber board little ball Cracking situation. Making sense of good ball head is the latter two, playing up the sound more crisp, while non-stick shot. Generally believed that small particles of broken cork ball after a certain no two better.

There is a double cork that - is the platform of MDF (Complexcork) badminton, stamina degree (Durability) raise more than 30%.

Game ball is three-fight badminton cork. . Belong to the ranks of high-grade badminton, badminton fight the stability of the three degree of resistance to playing much better than Larry



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