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Spring play badminton, watch what

Ctymq2010-04-23 14:12:23 +0000 #1
weather gradually warms up, all day long stay in the office, tired, and want to play badminton with friends, what does not need special attention?
Julie ann2010-04-23 14:28:46 +0000 #2
For those who do not exercise regularly, especially those who work long desk, the better not to play badminton when fierce hyperextension. Playing at close range, the ball above your head, do not fierce look up and hear the bow back chasing after the ball, so as to avoid damage.

In fact, not only badminton, the United States, "Prevention" magazine to remind you, playing tennis, squash and other ball games, also need attention. In order to avoid this type of sports injury, you can not ignore the warm-up activities.

Warm-up when both neck and back muscles. Preheat the first complete circuit of neck and shoulder muscles can do action, do not be too fast pace of this movement, so that support various parts of the cervical spine are moderately stretched muscle.

Stretching back muscles is also very simple action, first raised his arm to the shoulder of a circle of radius arm bent down Hua Hu, exhaled, and then stagnation click again on the move Hua Hu breathing, warm-up during the arm outreach as much as possible, to keep his arm behind sports. This can relax and stretch the back muscles.



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