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What kinds of badminton equipment should help temper?

thinking youth2010-04-23 18:12:17 +0000 #1
Badminton actual combat, I would like to further enhance the capacity, and now I go to the gym workout, or will the badminton master trainers have, what equipment exercise recommendation? As the gym will be The device (I went to that one, basically complete, some of it more as far as possible)

I most want to enhance the lower extremity flexibility, mobility (fast moving)

little brother grateful ah ..! Thank you! - just register, score more than Please forgive me
My stupid stupid me2010-04-23 18:23:26 +0000 #2
general speed training methods used: (1) in situ or road running between the rapid small steps; (2) in situ, or road after the tread between the rapid run; ( 3) in situ or road running between the fast, high leg lift; above (1-3) can be combined into a comprehensive project, repeated practice, by the time training, generally a 20-minute practice, practice groups on it. (4 ) run fast step; [60 meters] (5) uphill or downhill running; [60 meters] (6) Fast running steps; [70 steps] (7) Accelerative Running; [100-meter best] (8) after the kick to run fast; [30 meters] (9) Quick Arm (standing or sitting); [track and field professional training program, you can not practice] (10) rapid pull strips; [track and field professional training program can not practice] (11) from 30 to 100 meters full throttle. Above (4-11) is an integrated project, each practice can be two, such as uphill or downhill running today and the fast running steps out training. Each run 10 groups can be friends. If more - that in Canada. (b) Specific Speed Training Speed is the player movement in the unit time to complete the speed and swing speed of shot. Commonly used methods: (1) swing beat fast hand and hold practice; [100 * 4] (2) Fast batting practice against the wall; [time to train: 30 minutes] (3) Fast command tennis practice; [50 times * 4] (4) Fast command light dumbbell exercises; [50 * 4] (5) rapid and more variety of batting practice balls; [depending on a single technology may be] (6) rapid pull rubber band exercises; [such as the rubber band tied to a support material on the other side of Chain rubber articles, for swing movement 50 * 4] (7) the use of badminton sites around the shuttle run fast, fast gliding run, run fast sideways cross, Step moving so fast combination; [20 * 4 / species) (8) Fast Rope (all kinds of rope skipping method). [Can be divided into time or frequency of contact, one minute fast jump one jump double jump or double jump 10 minutes] than 2-3 items can be made out of each practice
bcbtbc2010-04-23 18:35:44 +0000 #3
training arm of the explosive force, including the wrist, there is the leg Push cross-power, flexibility, then we must pressure ligament. We should all want to move fast to do some fast moving fast Hing Wah Street West Hing Wah Street West step step step speed Hing Wah Street West, as well as small dense steps, moving speed of the density step close step. But also the flexibility to do some cross training
chineser22010-04-23 19:29:37 +0000 #4
Buy a clever force, and usually in a multi-practice your leg strength, what can leapfrog



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