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Oolong O2010-04-24 19:12:01 +0000 #1
Li Ning TP101C victory arch 7 10 nm that more suitable for me

I am 172cm, power is not great, like both offensive and defensive beat pounds like the light point can recommend something bigger pull
drop-Feng Wei2010-04-24 19:14:27 +0000 #2
LZ Hi! Combined with the characteristics you, I think the nano 7 and 10 are relatively bow for you

First of all you force is not large, between two beats, many properties of nano-7 are more moderate, more flexible rod, or when in the passive that fight a protracted war to the back of the case of physical decline or be able to control the nano-seven more liking, and the other beat (arrows 10) is not because of your strength, bow bar 10 is relatively tough, and then drive, then need more more power, and the number of pounds you need even larger (LZ do not want to pursue high-pounds, the power did not keep pace with the high pound and the rod is easy to hurt, remember !!!!)

But in the initiative, there physical circumstances, the bow and arrow 10 would be more with 7 better than pure power it! Because nano-rod 7 relative to the hard point, the ball speed will be faster, hit the ball will be tough, sharp, force large enough, then you will feel some sense of fleshy nano-7's (compared to only 10 terms), as You're both offensive and defensive tempo, to say the performance of nano-7 are moderate, considered both offensive and defensive right, bow and arrow 10, the overall bit tough! But not too heavy, if you like, then click it or to vote for nano-7, or lighter, then the option to 4U, and pounds, the Nano-seven pounds higher than the bow and arrow mark 10, YY won the bid for comparison are the beat low, you dare to look slightly pulled pounds, no matter generally, do not hit film like.

In general, cost-effective connection, I recommend nano-7, 10 color if you like bow and arrow, then there are less expensive to buy in this economy making also work, just to pick the bow 10 is only one feature, then you is not enough - force !

Finally the way, nagging questions: play to protect themselves, because if the tempo is too extreme (ie, chose a very violent tempo), pull the line number of pounds and high (generally not more than 25 pounds amateur), then the injured is absolutely himself, think play is to happiness, since you want to enhance the strength of a side when they find themselves can not (because of strain on a joint overload or who has suffered injury), you regret not using it!

I wish you could play to find their own fun!
E-Jam2010-04-24 19:51:40 +0000 #3
Li Ning TP101C, higher technology content, while the equilibrium point toward the front (head heavy), but about the whole weight of 82g (three in the lightest), is a flexible and aggressive;

victory nano 7, doubles a bit better , who beat a bit heavier than the previous weight, but the balance is moderate, is a technology full Type badminton racket, personal sense of color is a problem;

yonex arrows 10, flexibility is better, more authentic to 1000, weight, and nano-7 almost, senior single doubles players use color very positive, but too many fakes;

three are relatively the best-selling, you told me about the situation, considering the recommended Li Ning TP101C, easier to drive a number of crossbow, are also considered to support China's independent brands.
Ttdemaque2010-04-24 19:33:46 +0000 #4
Li Ning TP101C, TP represents a major technology, is titanium. C indicated that the flexible tube, tend to be hard. This shows that this is the emphasis on the strength of the racket is a racket type of attack requires a little bit of power to control.

Nano-7, this racket is true, get started easily, feel 也好. The rod is moderate, moderate balance is very good choice.

Arch 10, has been perfect racket, racket head slightly heavy. LZ

according to the conditions recommended bow and arrow 10, followed by the nano-7, the two rackets better reputation, very classic.



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