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What are the benefits of girls playing badminton ah ..... you can lose weight, hehe

Julie ann2010-04-25 04:35:45 +0000 #1
recent obsession on the badminton, purporting to lose weight oh. But listening to friends around the president campaign more muscle, oh, my god! Hope it is not so ........ you all to analyze the analysis.
ctymq2010-04-25 04:45:51 +0000 #2
girl Well, as long as the drop is not so well-developed muscles, but also just fine, and also tighten skin, health before the United States it! The following 10 MM badminton has the advantage of dual-head to break the second son to pull out, hehe. Transferred to you take a look:

1, is fast fitness. Life is movement, playing badminton, less than 10 minutes, you can sweat in a short time can achieve fitness results.

2, is shaping. People who read will find Badminton, badminton players both men and women are well-proportioned body, especially the female members, limbs, slender, slim, which is determined by the characteristics of badminton. The first compartment for a long time to play or play the next day generalized muscle pain, walking difficulties. This is from a sports science point of view, the reason why these muscle pain, because a long time have not been the result of exercise. Like training, like bodybuilding, muscles feel what piece to illustrate what piece to be trained muscles. Exercise area to play badminton and other sports is not easy to got to the point.

3, is beauty. If you carefully point will find that the skin is a good badminton player. After years of personal research, found in Sichuan, Hunan, Shanghai, Nanjing and other places of the girls are very good skin, one important reason is that hot weather (not hot), Chang said this, the best method of beauty is cooking O'clock lid with steam smoked their faces. Badminton is the indoor sports, but also avoid the wind, more like a steamer in the summer, generally. Long past, the skin definitely get better. Many girls like to play tennis, but tennis regularly exposed to the sun under. To make an image for example, in the pan fried pot stickers and steamed dumplings in steamer steamed bread, which the skin better?

4, is a feminist. As the physiological differences, women in power, speed, far less than men. But badminton is the most technologically complex movement, but also lack of power the United States, on the pitch, MM GG hit the floor looking for the ball to the phenomenon of plenty. So, get the satisfaction of conquering men.

5, is elegant. Badminton emphasis on coordination, movement stretch, step reasonable and good use of technology can skillfully deflected the question, if you read the professional players playing field, must be very envious of the beauty of their movements. Unlike other sports, strength, and less emphasis on physical confrontation, such as tennis, made great efforts for many female athletes howling again and again, and even appeared on the direction of referee complaints are loud, and even is indecent.

6, is entertainment. MM projects can be much fun, playing mahjong or cards seem cheesy, clubbing jump more, people think too avant-garde, may be kept at a distance. Can not find rival football basketball, table tennis, tennis, if played well, then they can not always pick the ball. Badminton level of the poor, at least not easy to eat each other's serve, can play a few more rounds, so that movement is interesting.

7, is friends. The number of people to participate in badminton, doubles and team-mate when the exchange can be tired in the sidelines and to communicate with others. MM out of modesty GG in the normal understanding of the opportunities are few occasions, playing badminton, you can and GG doubles, or call GG taught how to play, or. . . . . . In short, human fatigue, the muscles are less tense, emotional defense factor will decline, more easily exchange.

8, is appreciated. Summer play, GG are most unbearably hot, it Guangbang Zi playing, MM they can openly enjoy the GG in the muscles next to the. (Of course, can not look with tinted glasses, Oh)

9, is Xiushen Cai. Badminton set with short skirts and short-sleeved T-shirt, you can build a Xiushen Cai Haohao De MM.

10, can think of nine reasons, I can easily do!

Over !---
jsh5482010-04-25 05:17:00 +0000 #3
I just heard yesterday on Hunan Satellite TV, a kind of medicine to take the call after L-carnitine combined with exercise to lose weight, is said to be China's national team of health care medicine, I checked the Internet if no side effects
MO U.S. policy2010-04-25 05:57:40 +0000 #4
exercises can also be a healthy body weight, best of both worlds and more Well, as I am not in favor of weight loss medication, muscle women I think are beautiful ah.
Tributaries _2010-04-25 06:26:42 +0000 #5
to make you more beautiful



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