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Ctymq2010-04-25 05:22:14 +0000 #1
quick test the matter, a good basic knowledge of badminton is not very good, which the students to a whole, and the more complete the better - thanked the first in this niche.
Julie ann2010-04-25 05:33:02 +0000 #2
happened, some time ago in a line to see a badminton basic introduction, but also give you sweep literacy.

1. Badminton ball, weight, diameter of the relationship

badminton flying speed in the major decisions in the same region in its overall weight, caliber, wool, hair of the points around the ball head and the ball body weight ratio, In general the same ball factory factory is fixed caliber badminton, badminton caliber standards: 66.5mm plus or minus 0.5mm, that is, between the 66-67mm, this time the main factors in the decision to ball the ball the whole weight and the ball with the ball than on body weight, and body for the ball with the weight of the ball than we have strict control standards to ensure that the flight performance of badminton. So, generally based on the overall weight of the ball will be able to know the approximate flight speed, but also be able to know what region applies.

2. Different elevations to choose what kind of climate regions

badminton badminton the most basic requirement is that the speed of the ball or weight must be appropriate, or fight with a lot of technology would be difficult to play. The same weight of different parts of badminton in flight speed is there a big difference, because the ball's weight and altitude and climate are very closely related to the high altitude air density for Badminton in flight by the air resistance the small, high altitude using the weight would reduce the number of badminton. Low altitude air density, badminton flight by the air resistance on a large, low-elevation areas would re-weight with a little badminton. Brand products to freshmen example: Shanghai: 5.2 g, Guangzhou: 5.1 grams, Kunming: 4.7 grams, Chengdu: 4.9 grams. In addition, wet and dry air, the temperature is on the speed of badminton has some impact, but the most obvious impact of altitude.

3. Use of heavy or too light badminton racket and the body of the drawbacks are that the overall weight of

badminton too heavy or too heavy ball, the vibration caused when hitting big for badminton racket and feather the impact of a larger string, will reduce the life of badminton racket and feather strings, the most obvious is the feather string would greatly shorten the life of the other, because vibration is passed to the batter's arm down the arm is also a long-term there will be some bad effects. If too light weight and badminton, as shots are not in place, hit the power players will have a stronger batting in place to achieve the purpose, are prone to arm fatigue damage on the arm. So select the appropriate weight not only make you a better badminton badminton enjoy the fun, can also reduce your risk of injury.

4. High-end products and low-end products, other than the appearance of difference

In addition to the main difference is the ball's flight performance, that is, the stability of badminton, speed by hitting the deformation degree, the rotation of flight, high-grade badminton high requirements on the raw footage of a ball on the 16 raw footage requirements are almost the same shape and quality, can guarantee the high standard of badminton, resulting in its higher prices.

5. Badminton ball

ball Mao Mao classification categories very complex, because there is no national uniform standards for the development of classification numbers, all manufacturer's labels are produced from the badminton set, different manufacturers have if the same grade of product quality is not that they are the same. Any high-grade badminton, that with "A" word goose products are live drawing knife plume, the first classified according to hair type for large, medium, hairs, and then divided according to the quality of hair one, two, three, four and then under Mao prying five sub-standard, then the thickness of stems under the hair, the thickness of raw footage raw footage into a similar classification. Badminton at the same applied on only 16 feathers must be the same type and similar as far as possible, the more high-end products used in 16 raw footage to ensure more consistent product to the flying qualities. Low-end products, namely the price at 19 yuan badminton, Schutte Badminton Goods Co., Ltd. also uses goose curved hair, camel hair, its processing technology and high-end product line, to ensure attractive and durable.

6. Badminton ball of the Classification

according to commonly used material points are: hard plastic, foam, cork the three, mainly for low-grade foam used for entertainment badminton, low cost Xing Nengjiao difference. Badminton are used in high-grade natural soft wooden ball, while the cork ball they can be divided into three categories: overall cork ball, composite cork ball, recycled cork ball. For example: I produced the Pufeikete 001 is used in composite cork badminton ball.

7, IBF badminton badminton game rules on the definition of

1: the ball can be natural materials, synthetic materials, or their blend. As long as the ball's flight performance and the use of feathers and wrapped in sheep's clothing of natural cork can be similar to the ball performance.

2: the ball should have 16 feathers fixed in the department. 3: feather length 62 - 70 mm, each ball of feathers from the shuttle surface to the tip of the length of the feathers should be consistent. 4: feathers on a circle, diameter 58 - 68 mm. 5: The feathers line or other suitable material Salau.

6: the shuttle at the bottom of the circle with a diameter of 25 - 28 mm. 7: head weight 4.74 - 5.50. 8: Non-ball made of feathers:

9: skirt made of synthetic material, or if the ball made of natural feathers. 10: the shuttle as described in Rule 6.

11: the ball's size and weight shall be as described in rules 3,4 and 7; However, synthetic materials and natural feathers in the proportion of differences in performance can be allowed without 9: as long as the ball's general style, speed and flight performance is not change, approved by the relevant organization, the following special circumstances can not use the standard ball. 12: As the altitude and climate conditions were not using the standard ball;

13: Only change can help the launch game. More than 10% error.


the origin of badminton badminton prototype, appears in the mid-19th century. At that time India's "Pune city" where there is a game similar to badminton to carry out very widely, it is cardboard with a circular knitting wool woven into a ball or plug in feather, practitioners carrying wooden bats, hit a ball in the air turns . The event in the UK to carry out the army in India was particularly active. According to research, like badminton shuttlecock game activities are also long existed in ancient China.

Modern badminton originated in 1873. That year the town of Bloomington in the UK, a Baofei Te Duke, in his estate, organized a fun event, due to bad weather, outdoor activities can only be changed in the indoors. There are quite a few invited guests are veterans of the British in India, their proposed "Pune" game. Gourd-shaped indoor facilities at that time was that they pitch, pull on the rope instead of the net, each game can only have two participants, there are certain points limit, we played very busy. So, badminton as a sophisticated entertainment activities quickly spread throughout the UK, to commemorate the birthplace of the sport, Bloomington (badminton) Jiaozuo to become the English name of the popular badminton world.
Canton and discussion of the2010-04-25 06:10:14 +0000 #3
1. One Council doubles start and get right to serve each party should be from (B) that game. (5 points)

A. left B. right service court serves the middle region D. C. No mandatory to 2. Made of the player must hit the shuttle, at the same time less than send the ball to player (A) . (5 points)

A. C. head, chest, waist, B. D. No provision 3. In the three games the system of competition, after the end of the first game, players allowed no more than ____ seconds of rest, to ____ seconds, the referee should announce × × site ____ seconds left. (5 points): Answer the old rule: C (120 seconds of new rules, and poor in 20 seconds should announce)

A.120-90-20 B.120-90-10 C.90-70-20 D.90-70 -10

4. Which of the following is a referee can suspend the announcement of the situation? (5)

A player not feeling well, but will soon resume game players need to go to the toilet B athletes need to wipe C D athletes need to eat to add physical game, the ball or the racket to replace damaged the answer: D but it must be the end of the round 5. serve, committing Which of the following actions should be sentenced to serve illegal? (5)

A super-foot mobile lumbar B C D passed, the eyes do not see the other answers: ABC

6. Using a round robin group, the generally B) into a more appropriate group games. (5 points)

A.2 B.4 to 4 to 6 to 8 people D.5 C.6 to 8 to 7. Athlete injuries, only to allow B into the Stadium. (5 points)

A. above, Deputy Chief Judge Chief Judge and the General Assembly and the Assembly Dr B. Dr C. D. referee and deputy referees medical practitioners and medical practitioners over a long parents and practitioners E. athletes coaches and referee F. Answer: B. Chief Judge and the General Assembly a doctor 8. A men's doubles, when Party A score of 13, B scored 14, the second issued by the B player in the side ____ tee ball, then a side from the first server first tee in the side ____ return of serve, 14 tournament ____ minutes flat and then, when a B score is 16:15, the second issued by the Party players in the side ___ _ tee ball, then player B made by the first tee in the side ____ return of serve. (10 points) Answer the new rules in place single right-left pair of players serving)

A. Left - Right -3 - left - Right B. Left - Right -3 - right - left C. Left - Right -1 - right - left D. Left - Left -1 - Left - Left E. Left - Left -3 - left - left 9. s 3 Bureau beginning of the race, the referee shall announce: deciding game, games started, 0 to 0 (5)

A. tiebreaker -1 -0 than 1 B. tiebreaker third set -1 than 0 C. than 1 D. the third, -0 10 to 0. doubles, A from the beginning of the next Board on the winning side of any of the athletes first serve, B on the losing side of any of the athletes first return of serve. (5 points)

A. is B. No Answer: A

11. Badminton singles site length 13.4 m, width 5.18 meters. Yes!

Badminton doubles space diagonal length 14.723 meters. Net badminton net across 1.55 meters in height. (5 points)

A. is B. No Answer: A

12. Referee should appeal to athletes to make a ruling before the next ball. (5 points)

A. is B. No: A

13. In the doubles court, no matter the doubles or singles match, net post or on behalf of Network Column section like structures shall be placed in the doubles sidelines. The above argument is wrong. (5 points)

A. is B. No: B (This is true of) 14. Made the players and then send the players must stand within diagonally opposite service court serve and return of serve, feet not touching the service area boundaries; feet must have some contact with the ground, not moving until the ball issue. (5 points)

A. is B. No: A

15. Any of the Council's first starter to lose the right to serve after the players made by the Authority received the first ball, then players from the first peer sending and receiving serve, followed by their rival serve, then serve the other competitors, so transfer the right to serve. (5 points)

A. is B. No (the new rules and 21 doubles for the same answer to this question is not, entitled ball scoring system) 16. Encounter is not beyond the control of the situation of athletes, referees may be necessary to suspend play . If play is suspended, may score effectively, by the score when the game resumed counting. (5 points)

A. is B. No: Of course, A

17. Once started, the ball was made of the player touches or landing, shall serve the end. (5 points)

A. is B. No: A

18. The race, the referee or the players wipe the exchange site, you can judge chair and the chief judge under the exchange of the race issue. (5 points): B

A. is B. No

19. Linesman's sitting to be their responsibility to maintain the parallel lines. (5 points)

A. is B. No: A

20. Volleyball serve, the ball over the net hung heavy in the Internet should be sentenced to serve. (5 points)

A. is B. No: B

21. What kind of ball game ball used by the player to select OK. (5 points)

A. is B. No: B

22.7 units to participate in round-robin groups, among them a total of 21 games, with 6 games bye, a total of seven games. (5 points): (7-1) X7 / 2 = 21 A

A. is B. No

23. Men's singles competition, while the third set for the 14:12 and found no exchange sites, because there is a sub- the end, you can not exchange site, continue the race. (5 points)

A. is B. No Answer: B was found not to exchange sites should be immediately exchanged the site, the original scores of the effective

24. Game hit the ball with the shaft to the illegal operators. (5 points)

A. are B. No B (Cricket unauthorized rules have been canceled) 25. Pick sides when the Party chose the site, the Party can only select the first tee. (5 points)

A. is B. No: B (also optional return of serve)

26. Play, the ball separation of care and feathers, the shuttle fell out of bounds, feathers fell sector, should be sentenced bounds. (5 points)

A. is B. No Answer: B above should be "heavy ball"

27. Referee changed the ball suspected athletes, referees can not sub-athletes at this time illegal. (5 points)

A. is B. No: B This case is a foul, the referee can warn a yellow card, red, black card processing

28. After the server has started serving, serve receive side can move the ball. (5 points)

A. is B. No: A, but not before moving to 29. Men's singles competition, the first game when the score into the 14 to 14 o'clock, the two sides have the right to choose a plus or not plus. (5 points)

A. is B. No: the old rule that only the first 14 points before the right to choose, the new rules meaningless 30. Players hit the ball finished, the feet from under the net to invade the other's field area, no prejudice to the other side. So it will not sentenced offenders. (5 points)

A. is B. No: A (because no other locations field line itself, above the game continues)

31. Serve, the ball hitting point to significantly lower than those of the hand. (5 points)

A. is B. No: A more accurate to say, should beServe those who are clapping of hands to 32. Referee should make sure that (A) can be kept informed of the game. (5 points)

A. Players, coaches and athletes and spectators B. C. D. referee staff and umpire: A

33. For the Olympic Games, World Championships, Sudirman Cup, Uber Cup and Thomas Cup final stage of the venue a minimum clearance height ()? (5 points)

A.11 meters B.9 C.10 m m m D.12: 12 meters (39 feet) to 34. Send the players to prepare the players in the receiver before the ball, should be sentenced to (B). (5 points)

A. re-offending B. C. Warning D. dead ball serve to 35. Doubles serve, the fat fellow players can stand (site anywhere), but can not (stop sending and receiving player's attention). (5 points)

A. venue anywhere - stop the receiver's attention B. venues player anywhere - stop the judge's attention behind the position of C. Fat players - the players stop the receiver behind the line of sight D. send players here - stop the referee Members made the players on the right eye position E. - block the receiver's attention F. players made the players on the right location - 36 blocks judge's attention. badminton ball weight (). (5 points)

A.70-5.50 克 B.74-5.75 克 C.74-5.50 克 D.74-5.524 g? ? "Problem area error" The answer :4.74-5.50 g

37. Test ball, the ball should fall on the normal ball (B) between. (5 points)

A.12.41-12.87 米 B.530-990 毫米 C.570-990 毫米 D.13.40 m: B

38. Women's doubles match, send the players serve, the receiver is not ready players, and her companion picked up the ball past. Referees should be sentenced to (C) (5 points)

A. serving side scores offenders receiving side B. C. D. re-serve for serve to 39. Unless otherwise agreed procedures, badminton game normally should be (B) determined the outcome. (5 points)

A. One Council, One best of three games wins B. C. D. Qiju of five games wins

40.11 Four people attended the bye number of single knockout are (C) months. (5 points)

A.1 B.3 C.5 D.7

41. Competition is being delayed is the only decision-maker (B) (5 points)

A. Service judge B. C. referee referee D. linesman

The answer is I try to make, not the standard answer, but almost -!

This does not know whether the basis of calculation, but the master did not hurt. For reference.



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