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Recommend a price of around 350 trouble, and victory in badminton

war is not the wolf2010-02-01 00:01:22 +0000 #1
bored recommend a price of around 350, and victory badminton racket
cnozzy2010-02-01 00:15:46 +0000 #2
If the power is not like pulling crane, nano-8, the power of shop to buy!

I had a bitter experience! Taobao Mall is also a deceptive manner! ! A search on the Internet found a lot, never thought himself had to suffer!

I am on October 22 at the Taobao Mall bought a 9100 victory in badminton rackets models, the price is 250 yuan, order number is 2568561524, but the tempo after the receipt of the use of a few second racket of the rod almost cut off, so and seller consultation, checked and returned to reason, to me its place. I issued November 11, Shun Feng Express sent to the seller, on the 12th he received a beat, and then told me that the victory had been sent back to the company, and said that the processing should be more than a month, but has now been 45 days or so, and still no news So I find the official website of victory to fight the consumer hotline at 025-68591217, said there did not receive my beat, but with the good German sports specialty stores, is simply illegal, and the victory of the company did not authorize! ! I then asked the seller, the seller said that at least a month. The key sellers do not match, but also for their bad service, and successfully receive the racket head also said that if the processing time for only a week or so, meaning that if I beat to the company's words have long been the result. Now the seller is very co-ordination has been shirk said the company has not yet identified, the time from what I bought, has more than two months, and each time let the matter rest. We Do not buy, and the victory of the company say that they are authorized only two online sales in the company's Web site on the victory!
601,127,2442010-02-01 00:50:58 +0000 #3
Colombia TI28 or TI29



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