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Badminton player week training content?

Sahuan children's playing2010-02-01 00:01:42 +0000 #1
Who can help us here, badminton professional athletes training for the week include what is best specific to every day what to do. Thank you, to answer the exact extra 50 minutes.
bjvenus2010-02-01 00:12:02 +0000 #2
Badminton is a great strength of the movement, in a fierce competition in badminton, players consumed more than the physical play in a football game even more significant. Therefore, when the player reaches a certain level of technology, if physical can not keep up, it will restrict the improvement of technology.

For beginner badminton for people who do not practice medical practice seems to little effect, but with the increase in playing time, especially once a day or every other day to play ball, he must attach great importance to the physical training, or else The first impact of the level of progress, and second, prone to injuries.

Badminton both the need to have sufficient endurance, but also need a good explosive. Professional athletes in the basic strength training, usually pushing barbells, dumbbells, weight-bearing squat, as well as rope skipping, swinging tennis rackets, etc. exercise shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, legs and other parts of the force, these parts are long-term movement in badminton the most vulnerable places where injuries occurred. As for the special quality of the training, mainly include footwork and multi-ball training, in order to increase the amount of exercise, in practice footwork often wore sand, clothing, tie sand belt.

For amateur players, there is no device can also be physical training, such as strengthening the shoulder and elbow strength, can be used push-ups, exercise ankle, toe pad back and forth can be used in-situ methods, exercise waist abdominal sit-ups can be used , practiced waving bottles of mineral water can be used brawn approach.

For amateur players for a week out at least once or twice a fixed time for physical training, each training 30 to 40 minutes. The training process, you can have a choice according to their own weaknesses to training, such as the arm arm strength is poor, wrist force on practice, you can arm waving tennis rackets, rackets and even mineral water bottles back force to train. Poor arm strength training shoulders, shoulder strength training is the best way to practice parallel bars, using both hands from bar stays way. In addition, training with particular attention to Dora ligament.

Skipping in particular is a two-roll jump is most consistent with the physical characteristics of badminton training methods, because skipping is a whole body movement, both practicing arm swing can also practice wrist force rate, but also enhance the body coordination.

Here are the week physical training program is available around the age of 25, there are one to two years of age young men use the ball. First, one or two long-distance, 3,000 meters to 5,000 meters, time control 20 to 30 minutes; second, one or two-step exercise, each 10 to 15 minutes; and third, once or twice a rope skipping, single-hop per times about 10 minutes can be divided into three groups to complete, each 5-minute, double-shake jump two minutes as a group. Others according to their actual situation on the plan to increase or decrease.

Badminton training focused on the wrist and leg training program is targeted at endurance, power and spirit come to strengthen its own capabilities.

Wrist - just to start with a lighter weight dumbbell or a grip-style wrist to do the rotation at various angles, and so in turn increase after adaptation, particularly in tennis practice effect good, in the swing before the game to do exercises, play you will feel after killing the ball appears to be particularly strong.

Grip strength - if the lack of grip strength and grip often unstable or when the milling would be shoot film surface, or even that there will be vigorously waving the racket flying out of the danger of the lens, you can refer to device to improve grip.

Arm - heavier dumbbells or weights to do pull back, or around the first wave of the movement, although the swing arm is not the main dictate, but the training is not enough, often fierce slash will kill arm muscle pain, severe 1:00 may even hurt shoulder blade.

Legs - skipping can enhance coordination between the hands and feet and explosive power, running the stairs to train the thigh and calf endurance, if not as often unable to brake in time after the move back, then the calf and the knee did not force, to do a shuttle run and the Frog jump, if the case of the net and the ball fell short Xinyou Yu Li did not arrest, for the inadequate training of the thigh and knee, should practice weight-bearing Dunqi action.

◎ No matter what items to do weight training, warm-up must be done in advance in order to avoid sports injuries.

How to increase swing speed of

badminton campaign swing speed, ball technology, the principal and the correctness of movement, coordination and forearm, wrist strength of the fast fingers. Hitting technical movement is not correct, lack of coordination, will definitely affect the human body shots hair strength, swing speed will be greatly affected. Therefore, further corrective action and improve their skills, improve their physical coordination, is to improve the speed of swing of the first part of

Secondly, is to strengthen the quality of speed-strength training, in particular, is to enhance and develop the strength of the badminton ball hair critical forearms, wrists and fingers of the explosive. Quickly hitting the wall can be used continuously to improve the flat drive gear of the speed of swing. Hui tennis racket with small dumbbells, wrist flexion and extension of light load, fast neck lifting, grip and so on, to develop forearms, wrists and fingers of the explosive.

How to improve jumping ability

As the badminton, the athletes in the field of mobile ball will jump movements frequent tread, so training in the right lower limb in the body of the Spring Training has always attached great importance. However, the characteristics of the different sports, badminton project requirements and jumping ability for basketball, volleyball projects have been quite different. Following main features: less obvious run-up process, pedal to take-off moves to a lesser extent; in height than the latter that require low, but the completion of the speed of movement demanding than the latter. This is the formation of the lower extremity badminton structural features of the action bouncing as follows: knee force magnitude is relatively small, while the right ankle rapid explosive demand is higher.

In response to this feature in the training of badminton players jumping ability, the quality of the force should focus on strengthening the ankle and knee in high-squat position of speed-strength training. Toes can be used load, light load fast squat jump, shake, and three pairs of rope skipping and sand shake-step methods such as clothing. In the action step should be integrated, multi-step to skip step and and followed by rapid take-off attack and smash the exercises in order to ensure the completion of rapid movements in the structure to improve lower extremity of the jumping ability, so that it can better and technical training combined
wengboying2010-02-01 00:14:48 +0000 #3
You are?
king88912010-02-01 00:37:27 +0000 #4
play 2 hours a day over the ball, 1 hour golf, thank you, my words of finished



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