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Badminton victory explorers 1:00 100 6500 or the low-end to block the flame / lightning / storm / th

tsg1302010-02-01 00:02:08 +0000 #1

brother high school I started to play badminton, but only in the gym to play, the level of the general.

Then buying is a more than 100 pieces of fake YY, and Latin America is 18-19 pounds.

Is now the Department of freshmen into the team, all day have the opportunity to play badminton, would like to change just shot. (Mainly trying to raise pounds, I can hit others 22-24 to beat a lot of clear cool)

fancy nano-7 100TI, but did not so much m - -.

Found a low point of the explorer 6500, or to buy another low point 100 to block the flame / lightning / storm / thunder series?

1, do not like too thick Grip, to G4

2, like the rhythm of light point, I would like to U4 almost -
lxf06102010-02-01 00:14:32 +0000 #2
Oh, you say beat, I have used, but in the end that you should be Write 4U.

1, little brother you are freshman, you should not use the beat 4u.

2, pounds, and like you said, I personally feel that you should not pull more than 24 pounds pounds, preferably 22. If high, according to your own account, you can not hit, you have to adjust little by little.

3, nano-7, I think you still do not buy, bought will regret it, you can now buy a 6500, and so on directly to buy a good high-end, those in the low-end of the film is not very different.

So I suggest you buy a 6500. La bg65 (performance-neutral, cost-effective, it is anti-war, others do not recommend)

want to help you, while more tempered his wrist force, so that there will be great for you to improve帮助. . .
iloveU5912010-02-01 00:37:50 +0000 #3
According to what you described, can determine you are a novice (not to be happy, high school gym class we are playing), since this way, you want to buy 6500 of the class then do not have too many considered models, and you go directly inside the store owner asked, his own mind price, would recommend you have a bunch, and then you get a few shot in the hand waving that he felt comfortable on the line, the ball-line can choose cheaper, bg65 Or about the same,

there is ,22-24 lbs is not high _ _! you can try to take someone else's tempo, his feel comfortable wearing on a few pounds (and, of course, depend on others to beat the length of threading, a long time will be lost pounds)

of course, listen to expert recommendations of the appropriate

There Grip with you wrapped around the thickness of the Sweat-absorbent leather belt and handle the, now seemingly quite small U4
kids Jingcheng2010-02-01 00:57:08 +0000 #4
you and me, the situation is almost , I am now in 6500 with the victory, feeling okay, though 3u, but a long time to get used to, but after the game, pull 3u easy, it is recommended that you do not care too much weight of racket, a long time to will be used to it. As for the pounds, this beat is also very good, I strongly recommend that you use. Oh, I wish you good luck. . . .
Coldest Lone Star people2010-02-01 00:29:33 +0000 #5
6500 Gangchu his new color is quite nice flames and lightning are relatively low and you use a fake YY, some more than you can also consider 63.0064 million ah! Is also good! You can go to Asia and more Taobao music store to see if he is a just-in
yujiao20102010-02-01 02:12:20 +0000 #6
Taobao targeted proposals on how to look at.
XU 1 Southern 2 Xun 32010-02-01 02:50:15 +0000 #7
Real Akiko2010-02-01 02:49:37 +0000 #8
a few suggestions:

1. How much poundage to see your strength, I personally feel like your situation, with 22 pounds enough, not pounds another job playing Yuan, or is power, and sometimes even be contradictory.

2. 4U tempo right for you may be lighter, with 3U of the bar. Or force the issue, too light, the strength of the shot is not enough.

3. Grip thickness with the later you can use with a lot to absorb moisture, do not take too much notice.

4. Brand should not be too particular about victory, around 300 Taobao buy the good.



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