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Seeking badminton racket

wanghysy2010-02-01 01:01:22 +0000 #1
yy I want a good beat, the latest ns9900 and bow z, but I have not used the racket yy, did not quite know the characteristics of each series. I do not want a top-heavy, the rod will not be too hard (mainly because they are afraid could not move). Hope Jigejianyi, talk about the advantages and disadvantages, thank you
_ Machine Pig _2010-02-01 01:11:48 +0000 #2
male compatriots, I would recommend ns9900, this racket swing speed, but whether or pull-lift assault need a relatively high level, if the No longer playing a good physical basis and this can be done Shaohuo Gun racket. Swing speed is true, but in a kind of pump stalls from time to time feeling inferior, but in a small ball in the net quite contentedly excellent defense in my view is also better than the bow z. This film is very suitable for pulled pounds.

Madam, if I recommend two: Li Ning's N30 (1000 climbed mountains), or bow and arrow 9. N30 weaker for it to pull the score means of hanging surprise people, but the racket head heavy. Bow 9 and the N30 is more feminine than that, playing the ball after the field is very lofty effort, basically exactly the same as other indicators (N30 is the bow out after the 9)
psychic masters2010-02-01 01:46:52 +0000 #3
NS9900 new racket this year, using new low - Drag beat box and cone cover, swing at high speed, capacity to rebound strong, powerful offensive attack is not good, but a continuous strong ability to point because there is no extra burden on it is quite accurate. NS9900 fit like a continuous attack, absolute power, but weaker explosive powerful person is z

bow light head shot, head light, shot hard, torsional strong, hue stable atmosphere, unisex overcome NS9000X, AT900P, AT700, etc. vigorously attacking the shortcomings of the racket. Brisk but it has a feel, is the fastest swing speed of a high-YY badminton racket.
rt12202010-02-01 02:16:57 +0000 #4
happened, I have played two. Two are not making the first heavy, rest assured, but I suggest you buy the 9900 because the bow of the racket Z smaller circle, sweet spot is very small, require a high accuracy, less easy to use, while killing the ball is very strong, However, when we do not like to beat a top-heavy Louzhu should also be limited to kill the ball, right?

9900 film shot elasticity is good, getting the first light, waving quickly, in fact, well suited to play doubles. Singles, then, of course, is true (film is lengthened), but to kill the ball will be relatively AT900 or 9000, the not so cool
tearsNeverDry2010-02-01 02:56:45 +0000 #5
2 inside the stand for the elections, or bow to kill the ball Shuang 1:00


or咱AT900 Good
939,800,6512010-02-01 02:59:43 +0000 #6
good to play a number of



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