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Winter, playing badminton on how to prevent leg cramps

yyyxxx_0022010-02-01 01:01:42 +0000 #1

onion family's corn head2010-02-01 01:08:11 +0000 #2
to do preparations, playing pre-stretching, squat, running warm-up, all kinds of stretching muscle activity can be! Once on shore, to prevent calf cramps should also note that the ball should be to relax, stretch, stretching, so that muscle recovery, otherwise there is no time to relax tense muscles to play the passage of time will hurt
saiyuki20092010-02-01 01:10:54 +0000 #3
cramps for the following reasons:

1. A long time of play, resulting in muscle fatigue after continued movement.

2. Partial pressure calves, affecting circulation;

3. Excessive loss of water and salt.

4. Severe diarrhea, vomiting and diet of minerals (such as magnesium, calcium) content of less than.

5. Sudden change in ambient temperature.

6. Muscle or tendon tear of light.

7. Emotional over-stretched.

8. To engage in improper movement or posture muscles poor coordination.

9. A number of chronic diseases will also increase the incidence of cramps to be very careful about.

The way to prevent cramps:

1. Is not in poorly ventilated or confined space for a long time to play.

2. A long time to play before, during and after, all should have sufficient water and electrolyte supplement.

3. In their daily diet, adequate intake of minerals (such as calcium, magnesium) and electrolyte (such as potassium, sodium). Mineral intake from milk, yogurt, green leafy vegetables and other food intake, electrolyte from the bananas, oranges, celery, natural food, etc., or get some low-sugar drinks.

4. Do not wear clothes too tight or too heavy to play

5. To play pre-publication censorship protective taping, jacket, shoes and socks is too tight.

6. Make adequate preparation before playing sports and stretching exercises.

7. To play a cold day to be done after proper insulation, such as wearing warm clothing.

8. Relaxed frame of mind to play

9. Not do excessive exercise.

10. To play before the muscle cramps easy to make the appropriate massage.

In the treatment of cramps can be divided into two parts, one for the acute phase of treatment, one for the root of the problem addressed.

In the acute phase, that is, cramp occurs, the processing required to immediately rest, gently massage the site of the cramps, and muscle cramps parts of the gently elongated, because when you stretch the muscles, the cause tendon tension increase, when the tension reaches a certain intensity, nerve impulses will be transmitted to the brain, the brain in order to avoid tendon injuries will release information to relax the muscle cramps. Stretched muscle can not be too much force, so as to avoid secondary damage caused by strained muscles. Muscle cramps after a short time after treatment can return to the market, but the possibility of recurrence remains high.

If the muscle cramps for quite some time, you can use hot packs or cold compresses ways to ease the pain, or in part, spray or rub some loose muscle pain of the medicine or creams are very effective. Again very easily if cramps, you need to consider whether muscle fatigue, or dehydration, the former must stop activities of rest, which need to add water and electrolytes.

Occurs cramps must first understand the history of some of their own 〃 〃, for example, about eating habits, daily exercise (work) the amount of pressure generated by the amount of their own, the site of cramps, cramps occur when the weather conditions, will be a comprehensive understanding of all the After the cramp to find out the reasons for the preventive measures against the causes of improvement, can only solve the cramping problem. If you are a regular occurrence of cramps, but also no cause, then you must be handled carefully, consult a doctor to do a thorough inspection, cramps may be due to some vascular diseases, diabetes, or neurological symptoms.



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