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Goose feather badminton please? Why?

Small Dongzhuang Home2010-02-02 16:01:47 +0000 #1

zlxg1012010-02-02 16:04:07 +0000 #2
with goose feather or using feather?

In the badminton competition, we often see the same scene: athletes in the course of frequent replacement of badminton competition, especially the men's singles and men's doubles, and sometimes even necessary for every one point for a ball. High-level badminton player, in a game, usually loss of 10 or even several dozens badminton. That looks modest badminton, after player, after hitting that can produce an alarming rate. To be able to adapt to such a high speed, then the right badminton material has very high demands.

Badminton in ancient China was known as the "feather ball", but the modern badminton in the ball and the feathers have no relationship, but rather from natural materials, but also by man-made material. Badminton very strict manufacturing standards. Badminton every one should have 16 feathers fixed in the ball care department. Feather length must be down to the 64-70 mm. A ball of feathers of each side from child care to the feather tip length should be consistent. Feathers to the top surrounded by a circular, a diameter of 58-68 mm, the application line or other suitable materials, fasten feathers.

In the production of badminton in the process of selection of the most difficult feathers. Because feathers are made of natural, it is inevitable that thick and thin, there are to the left corner, there is bending to the right. The final selection of 16 out of feathers to be uniform, it is very important, a considerable volume, shape, rather, to do so out of the ball flight is stable.

Feather and goose feather badminton can be made, while the goose is better than the feather. First, the goose feathers is fairly robust, its fiber rich silk, velvet content is relatively high, are crowded together, pick out the finest of goose feather, put it into a badminton, its flight will be very stable, very strong. And the appearance of goose feather and more beautiful, milky white goose feather can also be launching a bright shiny, which is not be matched by feather.

16 feathers fixed in a natural soft wooden ball head, usually a badminton weight from 4.74 to 5.5 grams. The ball or the ball a little body weight that caused a shock when the ball will be much larger, such forces would be delivered to the batter's arm, the long-term effect will produce harmful effects arm of the ligaments. For example from 4.5 grams to 5.5 grams. 4.5 grams of the ball on the light, the ball is in flight which would slow the pace. 5.5 grams of the ball on the weight, flying up the fast. In turn, the ball, if too light, the batter will be issued when the greater strength in order to achieve the purpose of batting in place, so more likely to cause arm fatigue, is also a right arm injury.
North in men fly2010-02-02 16:10:26 +0000 #3
good, because it is expensive I can not afford
_ is a pure entertainment2010-02-02 16:51:42 +0000 #4
because the goose is more resistant to the gross par coarse hair is not easy to play


but the distortion so the flight will have to see what is goose feather piece is selected is very particular about the specific process do not know

hope my answer can help you
jjfdn2010-02-02 17:35:14 +0000 #5
Of course, thick hair and straight rod, MAO film thickness accordingly to be a lot of feathers seems to be a lot of neat, anti-hit and flight stability, and feather the ball significantly different.

Of course, prices are high, the cheapest goose feather ball feather ball almost better than your best, of course, count the degree of resistance to fight I think it was more cost-effective to buy feather ball.

Should be noted is that many low-end of the feather ball, close look at MAO can be found very thin, this is actually a feather ball, pay attention to when buying.



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