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Badminton forehand drive the basic movements

freely_232010-02-02 16:02:06 +0000 #1
such as the title - it is our physical education teacher told us a written answer, knowing friends of friends referring to the next, ha, thank you. The more specific the better
012ab0122010-02-02 16:09:29 +0000 #2
forceful rejection control of a good wrist angle and the direction of the bottom
Avatar 12010-02-02 16:17:12 +0000 #3
I am a quasi-badminton team also hope to help you

pumping the ball into the bottom line is hand-pumped the ball backhand and positive half-court backhand the ball as well as the squat-style pumping flat drive the ball.

Draw the ball if the ball below the shoulders or a quasi-shoulder in the vicinity and so on, are part of defensive skills is to meet each other half a long ball and kill ball exchange that the counter-attack assessment technologies.

Forehand baseline Ball: ready to judge the ball, fast-moving, the left pedal, the right hand to the forehand corner and together, sideways to the net, right after the upper body down the center of gravity in the right foot. Forehand grip, arm, making the right move, big arm and arm into a 120-degree angle approximately. Ready to hit the ball, the arm external rotation wrist, after the cited racket, racket Yang later. Stroke, the main arm driven by the wrist, fingers pumping style whip forward swing, arm rotation from the outside to the internal rotation, wrist shot from the probe the flashing. Hit into a force to move the top of the lofty goals, to the front of the ball is forced into a flat ball.

Is in hand flat drive the ball: right foot to the right to sell a small step, upper body slightly to the right roll, forehand grip, arm to the right side of the pendulum, elbow, left foot with the institute. Ready to hit the ball, the arm swing later with external rotation, wrist a little outreach to the rear by the extension, so that after the racket channeled to the bottom. Stroke, the arm swing rapidly to the right side of the front by the external rotation for the internal rotation, wrist after extended beyond its borders stretch from the flash wrist, finger grip Grip told the swing from the right side a little flat after the pumping pressure in the past. Hit the ball and then held clap homeopathic Hui placed to the left, left right front step by step in preparation for the shot.

Squat-style pump ball is the player with squat position, bar strike to opponent's face in the shoulder near the ball hit back, it doubles the use of more.

Squat-style pump ball pump ball squat squat front squat the right side of his head hitting three kinds of shots.

Squat pumping the ball is driven mainly by arm fast fingers, wrists flashing forward swing. Instant racket hitting ball or a positive counter-pressure ball. Press the advantage against the ball over the net after the ball forward under Jifei.

Pumping the ball technical difficulties: the right foot stepping backward to steady, driving shots, arm wrist, fingers, "draw whip" type forward "flash" Dynamic swing.

Easy to make mistakes a judge slow to sell fast, hitting time, or 2 are not allowed to rush the pace of the place chasing the ball on the rush to hit the ball 3 ball point selection is not good, too close to the body, made it difficult for batting power of

4 body center of gravity instability affecting the arm, shot 5 shots, there was no impetus to complete arm wrist finger "" draw whip "type forward" flash "action, affecting explosive batting skills

I wish you a progress



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