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Badminton racket about 500

rabbit_fire2010-02-02 17:02:00 +0000 #1
hit the ball more than a year, the level of general, original with Oliver EuroStar 13000,24 pounds, today I am the tragedy of 3 o'clock in the direction of a broken ... ...

want to buy a new branch, the price of 500 yuan or less, offensive and defensive one beat, or the attack on film, taking into account the original using a defensive shot, you may want to trim the number of them about 23 pounds

recommended please specify the reasons for, the answer is an additional scores, thank you
coltm19112010-02-02 17:09:39 +0000 #2
500 Yuan is a very impressive price, many people around at this price to choose their own love of film, I come into contact with the racket from the recommend you this:

First of all recommended Kason (kason) of the TSF-100Ti, made of high coefficient of carbon fiber + titanium rod in the hard, the ball 5 stars, strength 5 stars, a little emphasis on singles and offensive generally Gongshoupingheng. The tempo personal feeling at this price it ought to be regarded as the most classic, and the price at 450 from top to bottom, once when a lot of national team team in the Zhongqing weapon of choice. Now the old version and new version is divided into two kinds, the new version is divided into RE (red) and BL (blue) two kinds of colors. Older versions of the old color 100TI amateur golfers in the industry as used in the classic film, the reason comes from durable, anti-impact. Racket steady, though not in the bar, such as the many YONEX racket in good health, with the ball hair force, there is no delay in the shot hit the ball, and the price is very solid. Even KASON his very self-assured playing "TSF 100 Kason classical, was promoted as a cost-effective general badminton enthusiasts top badminton rackets." The new models than the old rod in some tough, hit the sound is more crisp, authentic. All around the old section and new friends in the use, response is very good, and sometimes could not help himself to Cengceng beat use, Oh, really good.

Second, it is recommended Victory (Vivtor) of the Challenger Pro-858 (Challenger 858), material of high carbon steel fiber + nano-materials, in the pole hard, is an offensive racket, the price of around 440. The racket to hit the ball during the shoot was fairly stable, thanks to its material advantages, the hardness and rigidity are very good, making the body weight is not large (with an optional 3U and 4U), against the reaction time was good The. Moreover, this racket can be up to the larger pounds, had been pulled 28 pounds, still no problem, it is estimated could pull more pounds. This seems to beat not so concerned about, but personally feel that the performance really is a good beat.

Third, the victory of the Super Nano 7 (super nano 7), material and 858 equivalent to the rod, hard, a bit more offensive, but also be a more balanced rhythm, the price of around 490. As the nano-materials and design in the 7 are relatively new, prices will be more receptive, it has also been a lot of golf enthusiasts of all ages, arithmetic is a "face shot", and beat of their own performance is also impressive, making frame strength is better than the general racket (post say they have seen a lot of nano-seven win over so many others beat and so on, their friends Zhezhi 7 also bid farewell to a few nano-beat, He He ... Fortunately, not in its own beat where), ball flu, solid, the ball should be stronger than the ability to attack some (to kill the ball better than 858 in good health, in the sake of softening bar).

To sum up, if the focus on balance, you can select the 100ti and nano-7 to see is that more Louzhu still prefer the classic novelty, both in performance is still relatively close, many people in the choice of these two beat. If the tendency to attack the performance of 858 should not let you down. Oh, I hope my answer can help you - by the way, this three tempo pull 23 pounds is absolutely no problem.
A bottle of Blue Erguotou2010-02-02 17:38:57 +0000 #3
500 yuan can be a good buy, oh envy you ah

personal feeling wealthy can choose the quality is indeed better than Oliver Victor good

the same price in the hall watching a lot of people Victor is still good with no shot, and the phenomenon of surface fracture doubles

of course do not forget the impact that occurs when

500 yuan can also buy several Yonex rackets and Li Ning is now not many people use wait and see

defensive may not be necessary to reduce the poundage ah can choose a high-poundage racket

for the first time-for-cable can be used to experience high-pounds the ball and lofty sense of the ball is also very good ah

the second time-for - line can reduce the poundage to be a contrast

did not come to be divided is the personal view is that

I wish Health
mad_tudou2010-02-02 17:30:35 +0000 #4
election victory can be nano-7, wrapped BG80 Line
haibara_wch2010-02-02 18:53:25 +0000 #5
balance of partial attack shot:


Victory Power Wave 12,15

YY TI5 three generations of TI10

RS 3300 3200

all OK, the price in line with performance, basically in line!

Three Generations TI10 be regarded as a balanced offensive side, the first is the light of the point, but the bar hardness is true that certain explosive.

In addition, Liang Jian 09 is also a pretty good racket, attack delicate, high flexibility, a racket!
davydlin2010-02-02 17:39:57 +0000 #6
Select a lot of ah, I suggest that Kason try to beat, which is the national youth team for training use, shoot, cheap. In fact, a good beat is not about the money price lines, but rather your own feeling, pick up the line with a smoothly. Quoted the words of a retired national team, "there is a certain level of people shoot much, as long as there is sufficient flexibility to be able to, and the general tempo can have this flexibility." Offensive shot selection, then the line to increase the poundage , but the new tempo is not recommended during the first pull-pound pull is too high, so that tempo has a process of adaptation, the second pull and then pulled up points.



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