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Badminton racket is a good or aluminum alloy carbon good

Ting-Ting Ho Tada2010-02-02 18:01:42 +0000 #1
buy a Weier Fu badminton rackets, but some sellers said that a good carbon, and some say a good aluminum alloy. Do they have those advantages?

A 65 yuan, considered expensive do?

How to protect?
also Dr.2010-02-02 18:15:31 +0000 #2
carbon is better in this material are damping of the racket is, reduce the weight. 65 is not expensive, mostly fakes.
bdmaning2010-02-02 18:28:36 +0000 #3
Of course, the weight of light-alloy carbon-bit key

1 65 should be considered to be very cheap, do not know whether true or false!

As for protection is not to finally in sight

The key is not to touch the line that some people have used to pull the old line would only like to throw more looser




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