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zhula1112010-02-02 18:01:55 +0000 #1
Please detail Gong Ruina Gong Ruina and talking about how at the Athens Olympics so bad
shining white infinite2010-02-02 18:14:38 +0000 #2
Gong Ruina 8-year-old into a "cradle of badminton," said an amateur sports school of city, Hunan Province in 1992, into force in May 1996 into the country two teams into the national team in 1998.

Gong Ruina inherent in good condition and physical fitness is good, right hand grip, style of play belongs to pull type lift assault. Mostly take the initiative to attack the race-based, often in surprise attack will be making a few opponents with stifling to live. Full advantage of the technology, the pace of flexible, Qiu Lu tricky, the weaknesses of strength and endurance is not strong enough.

May 1999, Gong Ruina for the first time they won the World Championships women's singles first three good results, but until 2001 world championships, Gong Ruina won only his first singles world champion. 2004 Athens Olympic Games women's singles fourth place

because of back injury, Gong Ruina was officially retired in November 2005.

Retired, Gong Ruina returned to his hometown and did not stay away from badminton. In July 2006, Gong Ruina Yiyang Municipal Sports Bureau as deputy director in charge of youth badminton development work in order to continue forward to working with another form of badminton fate.

Facial inflammation usually is a minor one, if placed, not to mention any injuries, but now approaching a time when the Olympic Games had become a major event to reach Yiyang Liu Fengyan Badminton Director of the Center after the first thing visited Gong Ruina, asked her face, inflammation of the thing, and Gong Ruina in the interview with this reporter, said: "his face is a contact allergy, is now much better." and mentioned the Athens Olympics, she said, or the internal is hard to beat, "Zhou Mi and Zhang Ning is not a good fight, the outcome of each other between us."

On his face, inflammation of the impact of their training, Gong Ruina said, "actually no big impact, but still a little bit uncomfortable, especially when sweating more, but the training can not sweat, but can not be more than sweat better than fast, only a sort of halfway. "

while in the Olympic Games, before the game was also played by her operator can, but against the Netherlands in the semi-famous Mia time could not withstand the pressure to bring the Olympic Games. An anticipated duel actually becomes an equal one-sided garbage game, and nobody did not expect the outcome, including Gong Ruina themselves. Gong Ruina great frustration after the match, said: "labeled as such, I had no idea." Face questions from reporters, Gong Ruina from just do not seem to awaken a nightmare defeat: "Mia is simply playing crazy today, and how to fight are not beat to death. Today, I own the whole do not feel right, there is no state, not playing the ball to the hands of a feeling. "fame early Mia originally Indonesian women's singles player, he had won in the 15-year-old was 19 when -year-old Zhang Ning. Gong also referred to Mia is a veteran team, the race obviously the advantage of experience, but he is the first time such a contest the Olympic Games, in the case of backward mentality a bit nervous.



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