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Badminton Line Break

_black_snow_2010-02-02 18:02:02 +0000 #1
Why do I always break it in badminton line?
wind drift feather2010-02-02 18:10:14 +0000 #2
1, Pull pounds too high

2, the weather was cold and dry

3, personal or physical injury to hit the ball wrong

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red4552010-02-02 18:16:56 +0000 #3
thought you were a bad cable. I suggest you change yy65 line, times before yuan, I played two years it took off
Danmei small Mulang2010-02-02 18:54:52 +0000 #4
may be cold and dry weather, or what is your pounds on a high, generally 24 or 25 amateur pounds can be, there is still depends on the frequency of your play, you play if the words of the old line is definitely love broken. I was an average of two Monday to shoot. You can also try YY65 titanium, more than 65 of your 5 yuan, the quality may be better.
Feng Xiao Yu Han2010-02-02 18:24:33 +0000 #5
1 may be the sweet spot of your racket wrong, do not hit the sweet spot racket, a long time are likely to cause the ball strings interrupted. 2 pounds is too high, the life of the short strings. 3, properly maintained, such as the rainy day when the ball strings soiled rain, it tends to break



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