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Badminton grip what effect the error

fsdsl768413352010-02-02 19:01:19 +0000 #1
I very much like the 16-year-old badminton fans for half a year playing the forehand grip on the racket handle error tiger's mouth is not narrow side of some offset to the changes in the kind of mistakes but the total lifted comfortable grip the correct masters are not very used to ask what should not be aware of to change or not changing for the better
willpower19872010-02-02 19:10:55 +0000 #2
the so-called standard is only used to be a reference. I've also more persistent in the correct grip method. But later, as the technology increased movement, especially in the practice lofty backhand backhand lob the ball and, when found in the standard action will limit the number of forces in play, and will slow down the rhythm of shots.

Later in Quanzhou lucky enough to find their training had Lindane and found a problem: the action of lindane super-non-standard. Later, asked if they gym, they say: the initial action must be standard practice, which will determine the growth of individual skill cap height. If at first did not practice standards, it is easy to grow bottlenecks encountered in the process, never break is not in the past. However, as the technology development, especially as technology diversification, we can according to their habits some adjustments.

I wish you a game to new highs, Hehe -
l5262410522010-02-02 19:11:19 +0000 #3
1, to learn badminton is divided into three phases: the first phase of junior technical entry

grip, swing, before and after the field of primary technology backcourt Daoqian Chang, post Field Daoqian Chang primary step.

The second phase of technology, skilled and entry-level integration and the use of tactical awareness

before, during and after field a variety of skilled training, real teaching began to talk through these technologies in actual combat is how to ensure the realization of tactical awareness.

The third phase of a purely tactical awareness of the changes in technology and enhancement of

basic place, a purely tactical awareness of teaching. The daily equivalent of martial arts training purposes in the practice to ensure the state.

In fact, badminton is a very interesting campaign, beginning with learning technologies, along with what they have learned technology, can participate in games, the sync started to learn tactical awareness, when you reached a pinnacle of technology to reach the point, you will find that only technology is not enough, and technology - to complete the tactical awareness of the security, technology is not fully capable of winning, while the mastery of technology in a good tactical awareness, driven by the effect of different Ha ha! Therefore, in learning badminton is best practice in accordance with the progressive stages not be so anxious.

2, singles play is based on technical characteristics of the person race, physical, psychological and other conditions of the technological style of play, common around the following five:

1), and control over their field, golf pressure at the end of

From the beginning, the use of lofty tee ball or flat golf offensive backcourt pressure other bottom line, forcing the other back, when the other person back after the ball is not enough time to smash the ball winning; or neglect when the other person before the games, when defensive, they can be Light lifting, chopping and other technology in the net and lob beat. Hanging light must be strongly suppressed in a number of lofty goals after the games to return to the other party can not proceed on the basis Daoqian Chang. This play is mainly the strength and post-market high, hanging, kill technology contest. For beginners, this is a must first master the basic style of play.

2), playing four corners, high short-field with

in the post, to lofty goals, Ping Golf, and lob, in the former field Zeyi nets before the ball, push the ball and pick the ball accurately attack the enemy's field area all around four a corner, to mobilize each other around, running, a loss, until the other party too late to return the ball back to the center or of poor quality, the gap part of their offensive winning. This play demands the control of offensive players find the ball with strong capacity and flexibility and fast footwork, the speed, otherwise difficult to gain the upper hand.

3), mainly under pressure to control the net

mainly through the field after the lofty ball, smash, slash at smb, lob such as technology, pre-emptive strike, and then quickly the Internet in order to twist, push, rush, hooks and other technical, high-point control the net, leading to mistakes in each other directly, or passive ball over the net, was offensive player to beat out a play. Often referred to as "kill line" play. This play is the offensive style of play, the high point of control to quickly access the net, speed, endurance and power endurance are also demanding. This style of play, physical exertion larger, if the opponent hit a good defensive skills, physical strength will often become a key factor in the success or failure.

4), quick pull quick lift, before and after the combination of

Yi-Ping golf fast backcourt pressure other two bottom corner, with the fast corners hanging the net (or the use of slash at smb) cited each other online, while the other passive, when the ball hit back at the net, that is fast Internet access control network prior to the net before the twist, hook the ball to push the backcourt combination of bottom-line corners, forcing the other struggling to cope with, was a former farm culling and in the backcourt and vigorously smash opportunities. This is also a pro-active, fast attacking play. Such a play to require a good physical fitness athletes, especially the speed endurance is better, technology fully skilled, but also have the technical expertise surprise attack.

5), keep the counter-attack, both offensive and defensive

Yi-Ping golf and fast lob hit the four corners to each other all around, in order to mobilize the other side. Let the other side first attack, against the offensive side of the lofty playing ball, four ball, lob, etc. to strengthen defense, to fast and flexible footwork, changing Qiu Lu and accurate placement of tricky to induce the enemy to attack rush Mobile just managed to smash, causing stroke errors, or when the other side back to the ball of poor quality, seize the favorable warplanes, attack attack. This play demands have defensive players with offensive, defensive, there attacking the ball and counter-ball capacity, not only should have good speed endurance, flexible footwork, accurate and rapid response and adaptability to judge, but should have and indomitable fighting spirit and mental qualities, so as to passive in the face of adversity and to remain calm orange, and struck back.

3, badminton singles should pay attention to a few places, hit the felt experiences, lessons learned and experience summarized as follows:

1) First of all, serve and return of serve should be in place. Start making the basic decisions of one or two of your victory or defeat in this ball. To promote hair lofty goals is to put the ball high and long hair, but do not Chudi Xian, so that the other side will not attack them appear too threatening force, you will have enough time to prepare for how to deal with the next film. If the person sending and receiving is a defensive ball (for example, back to a lofty ball, but this situation is rare), you can start to make your attack means, smash, split hanging, straight hanging, leveled golf, etc., OK; if the other party attack, you certainly have enough time to adjust well to conduct an effective defense or counter-attack. Here mention must be made defensive stations the problem, the general situation is to stand with your feet shoulder-width, two feet on either side of midline, respectively (if your backhand is weak, then you can Shaopian to the left, the actual situation was with you when you serve the flight trajectory of the ball), right foot slightly in front, at the same time to bring a little heel or heel stepped on the ground is also required, that is the focus of the toes, but the focus of the whole person are not to high or low center of gravity high, is not Then help to kill the center of gravity low, is not conducive to then lob. In short, such a defensive posture ready to help you start hitting the Internet, or turn back, playing more you will think that the defensive posture of the beauty of the preparation -! ! Another point to note is that in the deep high when the ball is best not sent to be too close to the singles sideline, that is issued near the midline better (unless you are strong on defense), because the hair to be too near the singles sideline, then, is not conducive to defense, but if you can keep the residence, tend to become active in -.

2) Secondly, the play in the process have a good sense of time and space. The so-called time, feeling that the time to master the ball well, hit points, the higher the better, of course, this is the place where the pace of running in the points can be as high as possible choice of shots (such as push, rub, hook, killing, hanging, etc.), hit the ball will be even more threatening! If you click on the lower ball-point play less often, less choice of shots, the other side to meet up on a lot easier. Mainly refers to the space feeling when the attention of the passive defensive gyrus, do not be too off-center location.

3) Finally, some special handling of the ball I have some experience.

For the pressure to your opponents backhand the ball head for the ball so you have to retire in place, to promote forehand, and then quickly turn around and step back, if you feel the other's defensive ability is not very strong, or feel that your defense capacity is relatively strong, you can play attacking football. However, usually we are playing the ball or defend the ball over more, need to be noted that, pulling the ball better to pull each other's backhand area, because in that case, your defense time to prepare the long, if you pulled his forehand, often you will be exposed forehand large neutral gear, the other side can take advantage of the experience --- I have taken in, in the pull right hand side is the time, was inclined to kill each other a Gaosi -! ! Under normal circumstances, when we pull in the pulling each other's backhand is also larger regions, as is often the most badminton backhand bit lovers weaknesses.

4) In addition, killing the ball when the impact point, or must pay attention to the direction of the ball as far as possible immediate concern two edges. Generally follow a long line kill, slash short-kill principle. Also, for the net before the ball, off-grid nearer the more favorable chopping and hook diagonal ball, the farther away from the net benefit is relatively flat push or lob the ball, which in actual combat badminton fans a good taste the best .

4, singles real-world experience in actual combat worth a try.

1). La slash: Give each other's ball is a backcourt backhand, forehand front one, and so forth. Hanging up front when the race if the other party on a whim picked up the backcourt, and choose the backcourt when a hurry if the other party to back, and then hanging on the front. All in all the time to let each other go! ! This was the first anti-ax is to each other's fitness, and must be killed than that. If the first half of the Bureau of physical exertion in the other side is too large, then you win half of Council will be a very high rate.

2). Kill sideline: Do not use the full, 8 into force on it. Kill each other's edges, the left one, right one. The purpose is to make each other's left bending, right bending (tired of), or to anti-each other's physical! ! Of course, sometimes had to score the (opponent's error).

3). Run out: For the back half and half golf ball waist positive Run out. At this point more than the other places in the process of return, but since half the ball back to each other's physical Bu Hangliao illustrated. Run out at this time tend to score in one fell swoop.

4, improve the skills of amateur principles of

16 pairs of amateur badminton lovers, in order to improve the ball game skills in a short time, some of the more practical approach can be used, we recommend to the principle of a 16

1, and strive to the body before the top of the batting, do not let the ball drop to the neck height, otherwise the ball would not hit back at attack power.

Second, maintain a relaxed grip clapped his hands as much as possible in order to maximize wrist strength.

3, in the singles, every time a shot immediately after return to center stage. In doubles, when defensive back with the companion should be parallel to the position, while in the doubles with fellow offensive should be maintained before and after the position in doubles serve, the hair immediately after a short ball forward close up to prevent the opponent to play a short ball fight back.

4, in the singles, unless Spike, do not put the ball in the midfield in each other as much as possible to play corners.

5, following a strong forehand or backhand stroke, the body should be hitting the side of the rotation in order to firm your feet.

6, singles to drive the ball high and far as possible, doubles serve shorter, the ball's flight line should be close to the upper edge of the net, serve to be volatile.

7, in the context of the rules to allow as many fake confused with each other, but they had not revealed his intentions.

8, playing the ball lofty, it is necessary to accurately judge the ball's flight direction, the ball high and play as much as possible close to each other's bottom line.

9, hanging the net the ball, the ball of the line should be short and as close to the net.

10, Spike's as far as possible a direct hit from an opponent or clapping each other's grip, or shoulder.

11, when you know what to do or in need of temporary respite from the opportunity to play a high serve, and then return to the center of the field.

12, for beginners, the backhand side lines are normally the weak areas, should pay attention to fight for their weaknesses.

13, in the former field fight back golf, they should maximize the use of spike, spiking is an important means of scoring, but do not hit the bottom line at the ball high and short, this is usually to kill the ball to the opponent a chance.

14, many athletes have their own unique style of play, it must be good at judging the ball's impact point, timely access to appropriate location, but do not reveal their early movement.

15, in the doubles the return of serve, the racket to force an opponent to lift the low ball, if the other side of the ball too high, immediately stepped forward to kill.

16, if you are scoring, not to change the style of play, if you are lost, they should immediately adjust the gentle method, if you have a continuous attack did not work, to play a high serve, and then look to re-attack planes to 5, and lofty goals ********

amateur badminton enthusiasts, some action is not change, then do not change worth mentioning, but for those prone to injury consequences of technical movement, we must change! Reasonable technical standards movement, to reduce injury in order to really enjoy a healthy and happy badminton! In badminton movement, in order to technical and tactical purposes, lofty ball and smash the use of actual combat in the whole a considerable proportion of its strength characteristics and intensity of hair are other technologies can not match. Therefore, in the use of strength not only to issue a suppression of opponents, and pay attention to hair after the self-protection force, in order to avoid or reduce the vulnerability of joint injuries. As lofty ball and kill ball movement, in addition to sweet spot some differences on other aspects are similar or identical, we will use the basic swing the ball lofty way to analyze Where is a link, prone to injuries and illnesses.

Lofty ball swing movement can be divided into four break links Action:

a, Citation lifting shoot: shoot the arm holding the side of the body, starting from the lower extremities, back swivel sideways, while the racket from the body of the middle and lower the lateral side of the shoulder, holding his arm after making the top of the lift, body and big arm, big arm and forearm at right angles (or slightly less than right angle). Film surface as far as possible in parallel with the net. Virtual grip racket! Objective - raised his bat ready to hit the ball!

2, tread cited twist film: to hold a shot from the side of the foot of hair force,Forward to tread the same time before the switch to bring the body forward, driving the shoulder swing arm fast-forward, elbows upward as far as possible, and close to the lateral head, arm and racket back to relax the natural droop. Semi-virtual grip racket! The purpose - focus on physical strength!

3, as quoted in keying power: arm hair to the shoulders and the top of the fast-fired power, above the stop at the shoulder, arm internal rotation while fully grip the racket. Objective - ball!

4, the racket homeopathic nature to the other side of the body shoot revenue. Objective: To resolve the remaining after hitting the power to protect joints from harm!

From the above decomposition of four links of the first three movements, it can be seen in a relaxed wrist and help hair strength, the relaxation will definitely not go wrong when the hair when the same force with force, but also not easy to injury, left is closed under the fourth shot of this link, and since it is close shot, it appears there will not be a problem? Wrong! Years of experience, most people's problem is that out of here! As the income to make an action is not done, in mid-air suddenly stop, there will be confiscated by the film, so that, due to hit the ball after the power is not fully resolve the remaining away, limited only by the bending angle of the wrist to bear the remaining forces, and we might be a comparison, in the parts of the body's arm, shoulder, elbow, wrist three joints, the wrist joint is probably the weakest, because the action not been standardized, long-term revenue picture for the force caused by the wrist injury that is a matter of course of things. And because every day no matter what things, almost all of the activities of the wrist can not be separated, so that the wrist tendon sheath is difficult to cure, resulting in the event of injury, chronic illness unhealed. Can be seen, emphasizing the action specification badminton how important it is! As for the treatment of related Mody Oh, I am not a doctor, take no remedy for your callus, but to help you analyze analysis, find the problem, a change bad habits, so that more people, no longer appear to you, or reduce the occurrence the same problems.

6, to kill the ball ********

killing the ball is hit to the other side of the ball in the batting point as high as possible baroclinic down. The ball is power, curving straight, landing quick, a big threat to each other. It is the main technical attack. Divided into two forehand smash to kill the ball straight and diagonal. Kill head straight and diagonal balls, forehand and backhand straight ball vacated spot kill kill the straight ball.

Is in hand to kill the straight ball (sideways jump): preparation posture and movements essentials with forehand loft much the same. Steps in place, knees down center of gravity in preparation for take-off. Jump sideways when driven to the upper right shoulder and upper arm raised, forearm and racket on the move, in order to stretch the body upward. After take-off, lean back into the anti-arched chest. Then turn right after the swing-up right arm, forearm, after a natural swing, wrist extension, forearm driving under the racket from the next wave, when the grip should be loose. Then volley twist abdomen on the right-hand drive right arm swing-up, elbows leading forearm forward on the wave at full speed to drive high-speed racket before the Hui. When the hit point before the top of the shoulder, the forearm pronation, wrist flexion micro-income, flash wrist hair strength to kill the ball. Then suddenly they lose Grip finger to the wrist concentrated explosive batting point. Racket and hit the ball the angle between the direction of the water level is less than 90 degrees, racket ball entrusted to the rear of the front, so that the ball straight down. After killing the ball, with the inertia of the forearm close to the front of body. Racket in the back position during the process of recovery to the chest.

Is in hand to kill the diagonal ball (sideways jump): to prepare posture and movements essentials with forehand straight ball to kill the same. The difference is the body to the left front of the rotation after take-off force to assist in the direction of the arm to the right corner hit the ball. Head to kill the ball straight and diagonal: Action essentials and prepare for the same position with the head loft. The difference is swing batting, we should concentrate on the direction to the straight line (see above) or a diagonal direction (see left), under pressure, hitting the racket face and the angle between the direction of the water level is less than 90 degrees.

Vacant spot to kill straight ball: right foot sideways step back ready to jump. After the jump, the body to the right rear Tengqi, upper right recline or anti-bow, his right arm the right swarmed, the shoulders as far as possible and pulling. Shots, forearm swing-up at full speed up, wrist extension from behind by the forearm pronation to bend income, while holding fast to produce explosive racket wrist pressure, high-speed forward under the ball. After the surprise smash, right foot buffer on the right knees touch the ground, the focus in the right foot before; his right foot on the left before the land use of the center of the left pedal to move back, arms to the front of body with the inertia of the natural recovery of

7, playing badminton --- to learn to play badminton friend's recommendation

through several training sessions and found that the existence of some beginner badminton friends in a few common problems, but it is precisely these issues affect the friends of the key issues of improving technology. Here, I put how to solve these issues of common views and explore.

1, first grip. To master the correct grip method is the first step in playing badminton. Because only the correct grip, in order to give full play to the ball when the role of the fingers and wrist.

2, preparation before hitting position. Ready posture, there are two, one is the return of serve position (singles and doubles), two are ready to hit the ball after the issue of position. The return of serve should be taken to his legs before and after the station approach, both the left front, right foot behind. Feet from slightly more than shoulder width, heel filed. After the return of serve should be prepared to move your feet parallel to-station, feet shoulder width in distance, right foot slightly before the left foot more than half a foot, feet heel slightly raised at any time starter.

3, playing the ball swing lofty standard action. I think we best to practice swing action. The correct swing, something which can make your full play to their potential and savings to reduce physical injuries. However, some friends have a natural force, with the incorrect posture can also be putting the ball very well and played some nice balls, if they think they do not want to change, not reluctantly, after all, some friends to fitness and entertainment. Because, in the reform movement, some people will find it particularly uncomfortable, complaining that: the changes in action I could not even hit the ball would not. Yes, habit, we must cultivate the habit of long Gaidiao indeed difficult. But when you persevered, we believe you will feel the correct swing movement in the course of play can make you a better control of the ball impact point to a greater extent play your strength. In the shot before the first sideways, his right foot in the post, the right foot as a strong point. When swing to the elbow axis, big arm, after driving around the arm, the wave speed depends mainly on arm and wrist, fingers hitting the power, of course, turn the power of waist. With particular attention to sideways, left front, right foot behind. In issuing power should focus on when the right foot. In killing the ball, it is recommended friends to kill the ball with one foot take-off, this will help you quickly start killing the ball.

Swing speed and power relations. Is an important force in the swing, but not from an absolute factors. To give a very simple example, engage in throwing and weightlifting athletes project the strength of their arm strength than the badminton player's arm is much greater, but if they come and badminton players compared with the power to kill the ball, the result, I do not have to say啦. The reason is that swing speed, swing faster, resulting in greater strength. In many games, we can see that some athletes, thin build, but the ball popped up Shitailichen, ball like a bullet to collide with the same. Therefore, the speed combined with strength is the most perfect啦.

4, the non-holding clapping role. Some of our friends who clapped his hands and ignored the role of non-that when the hand raised in the shot is nothing more than to look good or the pendulum according to type, placed where it does not matter. Non-clap at the ball when holding the role played by very large, it allows you to maintain a balance, the same time, hit the ball to the side of the swing can play drive your turn, increase the strength of your waist, do not be discounted呀.

5, when the racket hitting ball-point perspective and choice. Shots racket choice of different angles and hit points, so as to achieve the purpose of your shots, hit the ball effect is different. Takato playing ball, the racket face slightly upward, hitting points on the head side, the arm strength to move the top of the hair. When playing ping golf, shoot for before the sweet spot slightly forward, his arm strength to move the top of the hair. To kill the ball, hitting the first point above the racket face in the shots down, while the use of arm, wrist and fingers downward swing speed and strength. Playing chop lob, the fingers patted the ball surface, hit the right or left to play prop, wrist and fingers, under pressure to change the direction of the ball at the same time pay attention to maintaining the consistency of action.

6, footwork. Step is divided into: 1, Internet-step two, step three mobile midfield after games footwork. Step of training is very important that all the footwork at the start, when most of the first starting right foot, step right foot on the end of

is also. Of course, the left hand grip friend of the opposite. The key is to master the footwork and use of the adjustment, that is step interface.

7, the net the ball. Push the ball, hook ball, the ball is summarized in the light badminton one of the technologies, technology more difficult. Mainly to grasp the ball when the shot holding the hand must be relaxed, try to control the racket with your fingers, so as to play high-quality ball.

8, lay the lofty goals and to learn footwork badminton lovers must master the most important technology. If you can in a very passive under the ball back to the other side of the backcourt, you can use a flexible step, then an amateur in the badminton competition, there are a lot of people will be lost in your captured.

These are my personal views and experiences, there may be a lot less than a point of view and errors in the training, we also can refer to learn about badminton techniques of many online articles and video. Here, also invited experts to master their criticism and to avoid misleading the badminton-loving friends. Badminton is a poly-competitive, viewing an elegant sport, hoping to master the right friends in action after the improved continuously, the full enjoyment of badminton has brought us happiness!
Muxtiva2010-02-02 20:14:14 +0000 #4
The best posture is to use the correct grip

their own perceived shortcomings of a sprained wrist

easy to force bad shots right
yuylinky2010-02-02 20:41:39 +0000 #5
you this grip is not an error, which is Western-style grip.

However, you play good or I suggest you Gaidiao, after all, is a backward approach, and on and practiced gestures, like the Da Buda is secondary to the ball, be sure to keep in mind when playing the way grip. Ensure that each time the right way to play with, after all, they will naturally used to it.
601,127,2442010-02-02 21:13:10 +0000 #6
false grip will lead to the instant hit film surface tilt, hit the ball out of line there is bias ..

If you just want to playing the entertainment, do not change nor how big the problem

If you want to further improve the , have to change

are interested can find badminton coach taken off, so progress can be immense, especially for beginners, new to badminton period of time is very critical that period if they can receive professional guidance to help improve the future great! !



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