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Does not it is needed to improve the level of a good badminton racket

Blue implicit _ Yeti2010-02-02 20:01:42 +0000 #1

chenxitoc2010-02-02 20:13:46 +0000 #2
vary to see what type of fan you are of the type or strength of agile type of offense or good defense is like a matter of fact a lot of fans, especially men, start a fellow would like to raise the level of attack as we will be moving in different directions of the play progressed as I have a stout little 175 75KG be a natural agility not personally like it is was the first re-Rod Soft I just beat the No. 1 smash under the weight to kill the next second I rarely can keep up a continuous offense, if you have a good sense of rhythm can be hard to find shots are not particularly great if you can find the power head light racket need to slowly raise short Multi-level play different types of tempo in order to know what the racket is suitable for carrying more than holding their own tempo beat does not suit their needs is certainly a lot of this is to be formidable certain
yighk2010-02-02 20:23:03 +0000 #3
For the beginners, of little use, Select one better suited to play his junior beat you can, and wait for you at the ball, the pace has definitely improve, in order to control the tempo better, raise the level of their own certainly helps a lot
yzh00042010-02-02 21:23:17 +0000 #4
badminton level need to work practice improvement, a similar racket can be, and beat even the best technology to control is not in vain, master randomly can also hold a racket racket's top rookie had slipped over the market turn, but badminton is not only the technology to improve There are also thought to increase the wisdom to face the kind of confidence and determination when a powerful enemy,
hctommy2010-02-02 21:08:26 +0000 #5
a good, suitable for their own tempo is very important, not very high, despite the requirement for beginners, but also pay attention to the beat of the choice, as well as the subsequent increase in physical exercise is very important; for the relatively high-level athletes, a tempo suited to their style of play is essential, often because the tempo and could affect the whole game play as well as individual ball flu. To see how Lou Zhu choose. . .



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