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Does anyone know how the quality of Kyushu badminton like ah?

wengjiliang3092010-02-02 21:01:22 +0000 #1
I am a badminton ball-loving friends, listening to friends and do not know how ... please netizens introduced to the bar. Heard that Asian lion and dragon, and Li Ning of the foundry plants do.
faint Vatican willowy-ling2010-02-02 21:12:07 +0000 #2
done before the export of this brand are more, and now also begun to enter the domestic market, hit the ball up and feel good, that is too expensive. May be China's largest manufacturer of badminton.

Japanese imports badminton with the line and its components and the glue of the company's own R & D combined,

finish is good, be flexible. Badminton smash force will not lead to deformation, broken hair.

Recommend a Kyushu ball:

GUJU Y-IV Kyushu duck -4 badminton badminton, in which the ball is in the same price can be regarded as superior quality and resistance, and good to play badminton in!

Tell us about their company

the company was founded in 1987, formerly known as Shaoxing Yue State badminton factory, a total investment of more than 1,500 million yuan, covers an area of 8,000 square meters, now has more than 200 employees have been through the National Light Product Quality Certification Center, was named national testing continuous compliance products. , 98% products are exported to overseas (France, Denmark, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and other dozens of countries). Manufacturers "depending on the product quality as enterprise life", from the raw footage remain the choice of speed processing to finished grading, 16 production process of strict new controls interlocked, and has introduced many domestic and foreign professional badminton equipment and technology. Company to product development, as a continuous improvement, realistic and innovative milestone in the establishment of a professional technical team, the speed of badminton, rapid, and parabolic arc exercise such as mechanical testing, and these data collection and analysis, which will further enhance the product of professionalism and leadership.

Today's Kyushu Corporation, is not only a sporting goods manufacturer, is also a disseminator of a healthy lifestyle and promote the. In 2008, the company City Board of Education, Municipal Sports Bureau, and a number of government agencies with the support of the Badminton Association founded the city, and to create more badminton venue, several times hosted the various levels of the classic badminton tournament. "Campaign ignited passion, exercise and create healthy," Kyushu people firmly believe that: People have unlimited potential. Our forces engaged in sports, so that our industry has become a source of the mass quality of life. Unique cultural ideas into businesses to strive for progress, beyond the self-baton. Carries the mission entrusted to the community, Kyushu were bound to accumulate self-confidence, seize the historic opportunity to meet the challenges of the global market toward the goal of world-class brands sprint ......



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