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What type of offensive badminton more appropriate for girls? ? ?

cici Qiuqiu2010-02-02 21:01:29 +0000 #1
Can you help me details of the next Li Ning, N30, Yonex YONEX ARC9, Yonex YONEX AT600 This is characterized by three female badminton racket
Discussion _ Yin2010-02-02 21:16:56 +0000 #2
N30 good point. Personal view is that: Li Ning is China's produced the best badminton brands, Li Ning, the racket can be easily pulled pounds and you are the type of attack, not high poundage not work.

Yonex this time too many careless imitation goods, bought a fake, regret.

Li Ning's racket more assured.

More than a purely personal opinion
Michael Jackson l2010-02-02 21:29:11 +0000 #3
5306391692010-02-02 22:21:14 +0000 #4
yy arc9
iloveU5912010-02-02 22:45:26 +0000 #5
Li Ning N30: shoot a high body balance, extremely sharp smash; shoot the first edge to "compression structure" to build, so that racket torsional index, and the film surface stability index, a comprehensive upgrade; flexible in the tube, pull hanging lofty, placement of accurate, instantaneous passive to active, match suspended play in the power of pull back type player

Color: Pink + White

Material: Ultra-rigid carbon fiber + superconducting nano + Titanium

Weight: W3 (85-89 g)

Grip Size: S2/S3

flexibility: in the

equilibrium point: 300

Length: 674

grip Length: 210

Mains skip: mainline 20-28lds

horizontal 22-30lbs


the beat with Pearl White and Rose Red main color (white on behalf of purity, red for passion), technology adoption YOENX nano-technology, stacked cup carbon nanotubes, light carbon composite materials, low-drag film frame, low-drag cone cap, the new built-in T-shaped connector is a senior female player of choice for equipment.

Performance parameters:

shoot pole Hardness: Medium Hard

shoot box Material: high-strength carbon fiber + stacked cup carbon nano-tubes

shoot pole Material: high-strength carbon fiber

Weight: 3U (85-90g)

Length: 674mm

Balance Point: 293 ± 3mm

using technologies:

YONEX nano-technology

stacked cup carbon nano-tubes

lightweight carbon fiber composite frame

Low-Drag shoot low drag cone-shaped lid

new built-in T connector

new soft rubber grip

Yonex YONEX AT600

YONEX AT600 Badminton Racket (09 new and flexible type badminton racket)

Version: CH (domestic license); TW (Taiwan authority)

YY this year will be more female with the shoot, AT600 Location aimed at those looking for the ball to kill the women or the strength of a larger attack on the pursuit and flexible man, it launched the offensive this rod soft shot

4U weight, very suitable for novice get started!

light blue main color, unusual beautiful, fresh and elegant

performance parameters:

Origin: Japan

film frame material: high elastic carbon fiber + nano-scale titanium elastic fibers

shoot pole material: high-performance carbon fiber + carbon nano particles built-in T-head

Length: 674mm (extended 10mm)

Weight Dimensions: 4U (81g-84 Ke) / G5

Recommended Pull Tension :19-24 pounds (8.5-11kg)

batting flu: □ □ in the soft-hard-soft √ moderate □ □ Diamond

with pat sets: Yonex Armotec series of film sets

recommended for all lines: YONEX BG65 line (durable), or YONEX BG68Ti line

for players: Do you like tap, power-type player, Ms., technology and flexible-type men's players, both offensive and defensive players

Personal suggested that if you buy the three beat the genuine shot, then two types of recommended Yonex, because Li Ning beat is a high-end film Kason posted Li-Ning brand, Yonex and more mature, of course, I am not saying that Li Ning's beat well, is a relative concept, followed by the bow 9 I feel quite pretty, more suitable for girls, if not to buy genuine brand, then hold your own sense of what he pulled on the line of good-looking,

of course, their feelings is the most important , and can refer to some master's recommendations (of course I am not)

want to help you



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