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How to tell yonex bow and at900T is true sword Z

Gongjin GU2010-02-02 22:01:15 +0000 #1
such as the title

that is refined, Kazakhstan
1-edge dust-hui2010-02-02 22:04:54 +0000 #2
In fact, that distinguish between genuine and fake racket really is trouble, said before working ah look and feel ah, colloid, film boxes, etc., etc., are now alone with your eyes it is really difficult to distinguish between the

In general, the false are Taiwan, Hong Kong, the so-called factory goods and the like, or what the film industry, rotten Natural workmanship is very rough, basically clear, but the imitation a little high, to be honest, professional look is difficult to understand

YY's official website is currently the authenticity of information, but still not Kaopu, YY racket is fake ... ... too tough, so the simplest, the most pertinent advice is to shop and price

In general, the formal professional shop will not take off really shoot the auction and the price can not be jumped out a more than 500 600, ARC Z probably will not fall below the price of store 1100, AT900T should also be similar, the price differential is still too cautious point of

In addition, the ARC Z known as the fastest to kill the ball, conditional pick-up-try, the most intuitive, and if false are doing and really is as good, then let's not pick anything, want is that feeling that this time, true and false at a glance ah
Old Well 19582010-02-02 22:12:06 +0000 #3
Now is really a high level of fraud! Generally difficult to distinguish. Is to use them are almost similar.

I have two of the AT900 beat a really a fake. Really 1060 yuan, fake 90. With them really feel a little better than false. But together is difficult to distinguish. See Grip the back of the green plastic care. Material is really good, the printing clear, leave the somewhat less certain.
intellimouse2010-02-02 22:40:35 +0000 #4
900t is easy to distinguish between true and false, titanium mesh at the coating, and the text portion of the coating, as long as you carefully read the real shoot again, I do not think can do lifelike fakes.

AZ is not so easy. . . Since AZ did not paint a rather technical content. . As far as possible from the steel, torsion, case back in Gao Ding.



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