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Taufik in 2009 with the racket

Gongjin GU2010-02-02 23:01:40 +0000 #1
such as title, what?
rest on the hands2010-02-02 23:11:03 +0000 #2
of the bow used in the first half of 10 (1100)


is now replaced bows and arrows to your bow and arrow was introduced to Z (Price 1150)

2008 YONEX launched bow sword 10 later, YONEX the design of the racket

started toward the conceptualization, and toward the conceptualization of the speed of the sword

arch 10 and then to NS9900, to the current bow sword Z

YY main concept is the speed limit the speed of

Of course, the concept of good at playing himself YONEX companies have found a good theoretical support

and that is now 21 points system, the increasingly rapid pace of the game

who can control the speed, who will be able to get the final victory !

Bow sword 10's slogan is - arch-like precision and power of the sword

NS9900's slogan is - challenge the speed limit

while the bow sword to break the Z's slogan is the highest rate of

the official evaluation provided by article, with data supporting

- to kill the ball theoretical speed of 414KM / hour!

Z how to get this bow and arrow to kill the ball speed?

U a net Xiaobian careful study found that their secret comes mainly from:

1, reduce film surface, horizontal surface film of 0.7 centimeters narrower than the NS9900. The result is to narrow sweet spot, but the added flexibility

2, using ultra-short film box: 10 narrower than the NS9900 and bows and arrows of 0.1mm, is only about 0.85mm shoot models, further reducing drag, increasing the flexibility

3, getting longer rod, shorter handle. Bow and arrow Z handles long 200MM, more than bows and arrows 10 \ NS9900, etc. are all short compared to around 10mm, so that variable-length film shot, but also increased the hitting power of

U a net Xiaobian that: badminton racket in order to achieve a breakthrough design is difficult, but the undeniable bow sword

Z is a very good badminton racket

from bow sword series of design, and YONEX years of technical heritage

This is the badminton racket I believe we like to kill the ball, the pursuit of speed people feel refreshed

The only weakness is that

a little bow of a small sword Z are not used to people making a little face

with the usual big racket of the master, you can have the opportunity to try to slightly smaller racket racket Hand of
God and the physical2010-02-02 23:31:22 +0000 #3
YONEX AT900T, bow 10



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