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There are experienced people playing badminton Come!

M thought I2010-02-03 00:01:08 +0000 #1
I am a junior high school girls! Class has a grown very "handsome" (ironically) boys, and I want more than badminton, I play badminton more formal (school before). Do boys have said that I should win him, he would head to me! OK, boy, I would dare to fight! This Saturday at 1 pm He and I played at the gym, I would like to ask that he and I playing to use tactics Well? My lack of experience of people do not know how he was beaten Mandizhaoya! (Oh, my person was more ruthless) Furthermore, Who He told me the Big Dipper, sample.
exciting and helpless2010-02-03 00:10:28 +0000 #2
If he does not play, then basically, you are controlling him in the backcourt, and that the level of his back had certainly only go after the ball to the middle of your field, then this When you go smash, then, ha ha, a word "cool." If only to go to the callback, then estimate does not Jiehen it, Hehe
34,031,8452010-02-03 00:06:14 +0000 #3
sum up the experience this is their own - and each person is different, say it is not you, even less for you. . -. .
a5951833912010-02-03 01:00:38 +0000 #4
the number of levels then he ah? If not on when the play strategy. . Yourself a few balls you can find out the other side Qiulu Crimping beat each other - I hope you can play Mandezhaoya him! !哈哈
Cui Jia-ming2010-02-03 01:13:21 +0000 #5
,.,.,./,; CVLHIOFXND
renyue532010-02-03 00:56:56 +0000 #6
you want to win, he must be in their hearts on the first beat it, you learned to play badminton is necessary to combine the use of the length of hanging with. But do not win he is too miserable to be left a certain face, this is a man's basic principles. I wish you success!
Overlord meatball2010-02-03 01:15:12 +0000 #7
Your backcourt good Mody? In after a bad game, hanging on both sides of the bar, in front of the ball field then further back, look at the situation the ball is slowing down point, exhaustion stumbled Mandizhaoya
faint Vatican willowy-ling2010-02-03 00:24:06 +0000 #8
girls fight boys, then If you have enough power, then beat him repeatedly after the game, backhand, and then look for opportunities to lift his forehand before the games. If you have strength enough, then beat him up front on both sides of the point, look for opportunities to kill him close.

If he is a little technology is not, then you still do not have to consider what tactics the.



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