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IBF effect from February 1 the full implementation of "3 × 21 sub-system", that is, three bureau two wins each Bureau 21 points, each scoring system. Followed the men's 15 points, women's 11-point scoring system, the system come to an end.

IBF believes that this scoring system for each scoring system, serving more than 15 points scoring system, the system easier to understand, you can shorten the game time, and more conducive to the sport's commercial reforms.

But the new points system by the Chinese teams vie with strong opposition. China head coach Li Yongbo criticized the 21-point scale to abandon the traditional charm of the badminton, team champion Peter Gade of Denmark has always been in favor of the 5 Board 3 wins 7 points system, and criticized the reform of the points system is just a "political game."

Side is holding the banner of the IBF business-oriented reform, one side is the badminton coaches and athletes as their life, 21 points system whether it is a step forward or a step backwards? This is a problem!

Would like to join Fei-fei

Rules I've strong

15 points, 21 points, destined to have a group of supporters, is destined mixed. All the coaches will be racking in order to ponder rule changes, adjust the training, tactics, and even personnel.

But we know that only "adjustment." "Adjust" the word means a change is bound to be partial, in sports history, from which of movement because there is no change of the rules completely changed the pattern, the rules can at best play a limited role. For example, table tennis, several times over the years, changing the rules, but the Chinese team has always been invincible to the extent of loneliness, even as the new rules led to occasional small ups and downs, but in the contests, or will not be vague.

Here's "rules" can also be extended to serve as the external environment. In basketball there is a ready-made example of the area - Tracy McGrady. Many people say that, after Tracy McGrady was Jordan's best swingman, psychological quality of the most stable killer. But I have always thought that Tracy McGrady is the NBA's most talented current characteristics cowards, this time from the start with Tracy McGrady in the Raptors.

Year draft, the Raptors Tracy McGrady was selected, and the table Ge Kate to become teammates, but by that time, he can only give cousin a backup. Later, Nao Yixian, he left the Raptors, after they became the "Michael Jordan the best swingman," Carter and his far less light.

Many people mentioned the matter said was a much-told story, Tracy McGrady of the exodus is correct. However, in my opinion, it is this go McGrady bones exposed character flaws - since the capacity of more than Jimmy Carter, the Raptors, when it Why do not you meet difficulties head-to go beyond him?

The face of then budding Carter, Tracy McGrady chose to escape, even though he's leaving the result is good, but can not be denied that he had to escape.

An athlete, if trapped in the external environment, insisted a change in the environment can play, it may be a genius, but by no means strong. The degradation of many of the ultimate genius is because of this, the hearts of fear can destroy everything, kill all of the potential. So, Tracy McGrady never a lack of despot.

Coming back to the badminton rule changes, for the strong, the only prudent response, do not need to worry anything. "Strategic defiance of the enemy, the enemy tactically," said mean that. Only in any rule in both its capability, the Chinese badminton team is really strong.

In fact, the Chinese badminton team has many talented players, but they are not domineering enough - despot is a kind of accumulation, from indomitable courage. Often fell short of success at the last minute, as the Bao Chunlai, he always dim the eyes with the "Shuibu Xing" and Tracy McGrady is consistent, he needs is the courage. As for the rules, not beat a real strong. Wentao Ye Ke-fei

in the business of the turbulent front bow

in 1993, former IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch had seen playing in the badminton world championships sleepy. After the match, he threw BWF sentence: Badminton need to shorten the game time. However, the past 13 years, BWF or not to address this major problem, although the points system to continuously make a fuss, from the 15 assigned to seven points, 15 points from 7 points back, and now has set a February 1 start in the world of Competition does not compete for the right to serve the full implementation of the 21 points system.

When the TV audience's eyes dominate the media attention, the badminton competition is bound to help television's influence, thereby gaining audience, sponsors, promoters of all ages. But the reality is that Badminton is really no fixed end time, a switch does not know what time, frequently four to five hours. However, most commercial television can not be paid for the game for more than four hours of broadcast time. In fact, in most cases, even the journalists have to be strong in order to match the name of the spirit of reading, let alone sitting in front of the television audience had.

In addition, the badminton regularly changing the points system going, but also with the IBF popularity of the sport has much to the good intentions cherished. Badminton has been confined to some countries in Asia and Europe, while in the Americas, Africa, Oceania and other places very low popularity. In some countries, the traditional sports have long occupied a place, such as American baseball, football, basketball, cricket, and so Australians. The promotion of badminton in the world, we must go to fight for market, which requires badminton enough charm to attract the original did not know badminton, do not watch badminton games and not to participate in badminton sports people. This requires first and foremost Badminton sufficient influence, must be suitable for television. Because the influence of television is to expand the sport the most effective means of communication.

According to statistics, do not hit 21 wins the right to serve Branch wins the right to serve only to spend some time playing with the time half of the 15 branch offices. If the implementation of this reform, for television is really "good best thing." Is now also a technical pause, for television to attract advertisers, but also has a positive meaning.

21 after the introduction of a points system, he met with the Chinese badminton head coach Li Yongbo's strong opposition, he attacked his abandoned the traditional charm of the badminton; team champion Peter Gade of Denmark has always been in favor of the 5 Board 3 wins 7-point scale, and criticized the reform of the system is just a "political game." Rules of such a change, and perhaps even lose some of the existing badminton charm, but if you do not change, then, badminton commercialization will be difficult, a lot of living space will be small. When the rules of the game and the commercialization of conflict, IBF choose to have succumbed to commercial instead of 21 points system, it seems only natural choice. Li Hongtao

North Ming-peng

15 minutes without imaginary competition system will finally be drawing to an end, and the new competition system is undoubtedly the most popular topic recently, where coaches, athletes will be asked this question, but those involved in are concerned, their views and there is a certain gap between the audience.

In fact, China badminton circles as early as in 1999, tried a 21-point scale, in recent years on the badminton competition system has been put forward various reform measures, but because no solution is suitable for marketing and dissemination of universal way, so reform is always, "Ray sound and no rain, "and not fundamentally change the status of the development of badminton.

In previous years, some European countries about the use of 7 points per game the system, but soon after the new scoring approach does not achieve the intended purposes, such as to attract more advertising, such as reducing competition time. In particular, the 2002 Thomas-Uber match in Guangzhou, the opening day of South Korean men's team fighting a battle with the Danish men's team played five hours, followed by the members of the IBF voted, 7 point system come to an end, play resumed 15 point system.

In fact, the system changed from time to race, is nothing less than to meet the needs of the market because, as viewers, we most want to play a little more compact, at least not to drag the middle of the night. Because the most headaches is the badminton competition, there is no fixed end time. Football is basically a half-hour, basketball at most two and a half hours. And then the audience like badminton, estimation, it's hard to keep sitting in front of the television 56 hours. Changed for each scoring system, the right audience is also a kind and considerate.

Therefore, from a marketing and communication perspective, badminton competition system will change no doubt - no spectators, sponsors and promoters are willing to endure long hours-long event. Competition reform can really shorten the game time, which is a good thing for the development of badminton in the Tenth National Games a points system used during the 21 time, a strength of close games to less 1 / 3 of time.

So, badminton competition system reform is imperative, as the original table tennis system reform, as the ITTF in 2002, finally decided to table tennis, increased to 40 mm in diameter, and implement 11-point scale, "serve no shelter "and other new rules. Chinese table tennis world was also opposed to voice a fear that this losing power status, but after a period of adaptation, the Chinese table tennis has not been much damage. The reform is also eligible for badminton only way to retain the Olympic Games, there are examples in the former table tennis, the Chinese badminton team do not have to over-worried, worried about losing the power advantage. Zhang Peng Zhen

a Determination is quite frustrating to be stronger for some bar

joke, claim to fame are not afraid of the Chinese toss a football, let alone Chinese badminton?

IBF anxious red face like a widow, acting in good faith Ye Hao, Dai Yi worth mentioning anyway, have been disturbed by subdivision Naoteng up. She cried cried growled to the new 21 points system, calling them out of the need to adapt to television to control the game time needs. This Henzhao to reposition itself, many people chuckle, and blind cats are seen, and IBF some people determined to have the Chinese team Dang Houshua.

Several decades, the fertile land where the East has been rich in the big, high-quality sweet wine, where the simplicity of the hard-working rich fruit in practice the truth. As for the other Tun Town of domains, no loud noise of progress, art for many years, eating grapes has become increasingly intense psychological Shuoputaosuan. Growers in these areas is also hard to the kinds of grapes, but often because of poor grades can not enter the "World Agriculture Committee," organized by "World grape Exhibition", they have only obediently Dang Kanke's sake, just because too sweet grapes in the East.

Spectators when a long time, watching someone else's landscape a period of one year, their depressed ah, their depressed ah, their jealous ah, have to fight heart sprang Spark and burn. To tell the truth, they are not easy, or at least should not be jealous of their contempt.

Come to think such a large grape paradise, how can a variety of reasons have been Zhanzhao monologue ah? As a result, they choose a way to urge the non-aligned "World Agriculture Committee," change the exhibition rules and regulations in the future only the water culture eligible exhibitors grapes "World grape Exhibition", earth species is not.

The fruit not help think: the East is only fertile land, the future can rely on to look at this being taken advantage of Xian Bai?

At this time, an old fruit Wen Yan Li Yongbo called upon can not help but laugh, hands crossed in disdain: "The need to strike while the iron's own hardware, the water culture hydroponic bar, to accompany you play, how you can pick up and sample! "Yan Bi, Xiaoqi the familiar song," Excitement cry, jolly laugh, straightforward pain not die "has never known corner of the leisurely came out at once inside and outside orchards spread throughout the East.

Days, how much is mostly wide, living How could a Paoniao suffocated may mention the battle-hardened Chinese badminton? Let's done nothing wrong, to stand straight and firmly respond to IBF ulterior motive of some people, but the fight to the death to defend the country in other badminton depression, grief, envy, right! To put it bluntly, in the law of the jungle in the world, because she has no guns, no bullets or a gun, let's play a bright Nazhi stands out the most suitable, however.

Stands out always enviable, and this is normal, not going to change. Let's change that, in the ever-changing succession of rivers and lakes from beginning to end, maintain, enhance self-climb to the capital.
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strength and strong is not easy to pull scores thus affecting the psychological
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chance to increase the outcome of the race, but a great football fascinating to a certain extent because it is the contingency. This allows more people to have a chance to win, but also more conducive to the promotion of the sport, and if so that others did not and could not even chance it will gradually lessen our demand for the sport, hobbies, is not conducive to the sport development.



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