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Who does a good network to buy badminton shoes address ah

Janetvi2010-02-12 06:01:03 +0000 #1

Fashion Fun Amoy Network2010-02-12 06:03:53 +0000 #2
If you want to recommend definitely recommend YONEX high-end shoes, because for badminton, the pair of good shoes and important in a good The tempo, so LZ is better to choose a pair of badminton shoes.

Online fake multi-ah, select must be careful, I'll give you an Taobao collect all kinds of genuine boutique shops in the big Internet cafes, with him you will be a lot easier to find shops Oh, recommend you for a fine collection of Taobao and reliable place to shop Bar - by the wall, this is a special collection of authentic shops Taobao site Taobao shop for all kinds of very detailed classification of the shop's address and credibility are listed, and find them very easily save trouble, I believe the future will you Shopping help Taobao, Baidu by the wall you can find it

this site to collect all kinds of sports shoes shops in a very wide, in which you are looking for their own needs above the shop is very convenient, Hehe



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