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Can give some of the recommendations of purchase badminton

bowei9682010-02-12 06:01:18 +0000 #1
badminton racket can give some of the recommendations of purchase
always alone in the2010-02-12 06:07:28 +0000 #2
+ I QQ tell you in detail 525,509,477
Kaikai ss2010-02-12 06:47:57 +0000 #3
Select badminton racket badminton according to their own level, style of play, force size.

In general, people just learning the ball 100 with 2,3-tempo enough, and wait for you to learn about it later, and then choose according to their own circumstances.

Prefer to kill the ball very hard and people can choose to shoot the first Shen racket, like pulling crane can choose toughness is good, the weight of a moderate yy rackets

personal favorite of the bow and arrow 10, feeling that anyone can use it very smoothly
mad_tudou2010-02-12 06:34:53 +0000 #4
200 or so can be considered Victor victory, Kason, Kawasaki and other brands of low-end film series, are some of the high cost of primary beat, but the prices are genuine about 200, 200 below, there will be, such as Victor's Flame 3531, empty beat bought about 170, is very popular, you go to the major badminton forum take a look, we know that I use is this. Then have to remind you that the so-called high千万不要买imitation, even businesses with more than you say it nicely, do not come out to buy flowers, high-fake = fake, but the beat and authentic shape to do the same, there is no the value and meaning, this price you can buy genuine victory, Kason, why buy fake? YY's beat at least cost-effective can be considered to be thousands, hundreds of blocks of money to buy YY is not recommended.

Li Ning, 80 normal, because it is not a regular badminton rackets, but in general aluminum alloy to do, usually outside of casual play. If you love the sport, it is best not to buy such a racket.

Finally, if you want to know more, or my answer is in doubt, you can go to Baidu search the major badminton forum to help more powerful Okami. Baidu paste Badminton Bar able to understand where there is a lot more.

I am also a junior fans.

Finally according to your requirements to give you several recommended: Victor Flame 3531, Flame 3530, Raytheon 1130 (in fact, Victor's, Wind & Fire lightning series very well).

On the technical side, can only say, multi-hit multi-practice multi-view, can be 22 pounds. After playing for some time have their own characteristics and styles you will know how to do a
bigbird1632010-02-12 07:13:03 +0000 #5
Select badminton racket is only the key to weight smoothly.

Weight, on your light. The best is the full carbon racket. Is a row of the head and beat handle all carbon materials, one forming. Second, the row of the first carbon, the Grip is aluminum alloy. once again the not say, and only occasionally play, can not serve as a sports equipment. (identification of carbon or aluminum is very simple, attached to the face, obviously feeling the temperature difference. carbon high temperature. If the nerve is attached to thick on the lips.)

the current tempo is relatively inexpensive, and based on economic 200-2000 most of the beat can be used.

If the beginner, it is recommended to buy cheap. your exact light. on the assumption that a high proportion of carbon material. consequence is that light and strength, but relatively brittle. with good will be interrupted. (in the good will be interrupted, badminton The best feeling is when struggling to save, always missed the beat knock on the ground. Of course, if has been playing much better in the wood flooring), so the beat master is generally not borrow. wait for you to consider later smashed a few beat beat brand issues.

In fact, learning to play badminton, but also should be noted that several other aspects.

to the racket strings to wear, this should rather bought the strings, but also should find a professional who specialized stores with professional equipment (preferably Computer wearing string machine). set for their own elastic pounds. good to wear string is very flat, elastic line. nb set of people who have special elastic inconsistent. they should be careful, a good beat is not bad to wear easy to use chord , and once because of wear caused by Pai Tau deformed chord, almost can not recover. My beat is such a bad.

to add non-slip grip zone. effectiveness.

the quality of the ball better. this most consumed money. but the worst have a ball with 3 yuan. such as swallows 420. supermarkets 1 yuan more than the ball simply can not be used. The same forces of flight distance of several meters can be bad.

is not conducive to cultivation of feeling. shots of identification are: Station In the bottom line, full straight underhand serve, the ball should rest on the other side of the bottom line. the difference before and after the 10 cm below the best, 20,30 cm is also good. but more than half a meter does not.

Also, keep in mind from the beginning 'll take the best adjustable wrist. The movement of the wrist hurt too much.



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