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How to identify authentic Yonex badminton shoes?

2010-02-12 06:01:38 +0000 #1
Now Yonex fakes too much, want to buy a Yonex badminton shoes, do not know how to distinguish fake.

Model SHB-101MX

have to understand what Zhijiao Quotes of the reach of people to play a long one ah -------
denglinyan262010-02-12 06:05:16 +0000 #2
Model: SHB-101 MX Badminton Shoes

Color: blue and gray / white

Upper: double-layer breathable net surface, PU synthetic leather, toe wear-resistant materials Ⅱ

in the end: the end of ultra-light, power pad, TPU, high-intensity EVA, Graphite connecting piece

outsole: wear rubber

Style: Male models

Origin: China

sexual position to elaborate:

1, upper layer using Double Russel Mesh ventilation net surface, Kuraster, Florissimo, toughness protect toe fabric upper cover and rear with soft foam pad, excellent permeability, soft feel more comfortable;

2, hexagonal particles outsole: The new materials produced by hexagonal particles with ordinary outsole outsole compared with control and anti-skid foot force increased by 3% , weight 20%;

3, sole use of Round Sole arc designed to effectively prevent foot fatigue, to avoid the land instability and energy loss, so that the pace of a more agile sound;

4, using lateral claw LATERAL CLAW support structural design, so that fast-moving pace of more stable, preventing the feet touch the ground at the time of skidding, and more energy transmitted to the next moves are for the top-level badminton player with a more rapid and more fluid pace;

5, using gLite patent at the end of the new materials, from tough but lightweight, made of special polymers, their light weight can greatly reduce the burden on both feet, its tough shape resilience and excellent cushioning to provide the best performance of both feet stretch;

6, PGL (Power Graphite Light) new arch support for connecting bridge design, from lightweight solid-state polymerization of EVA and solid graphite to give the shoes a better strength and stability of performance;

7, Power Cushion Dual-density power pad design, can reduce muscle and joint chief officer fatigue and injury, so you move more light and flexible;

8, Anti-wist System ankle torsional system design, so that the ankle injury plagued parts of exemption;

9,3 D Graphite-dimensional graphite bearing chip design, and proprietary power pad co-enhancement effect;

10, Ergoshape ergonomic toe design, the effective protection of feet and toes, wearing more comfortable;

11, Tough Guard Ⅱ film designed to protect the toes, YONEX the second generation of nursing toe fabric, anti-wear performance three-fold;

12, Power Cushion Insole FG latest YONEX Power cushion the whole palm massaging insoles, in special positions to increase the "clutching point" plays right foot massage, support, stability, , anti-slip, torsion and other protection;

13, Power Cushion Insole MC, YONEX dynamic control insoles, the most effective in reducing the vibration feet to obtain a direct reaction force will be faster, more energy transmitted to the pace of Mobile;

14, sole-shaped design provides a better performance of anti-red-STOP Sharp;

15, sole use of external materials, excellent wear resistance of raw rubber material, soft and wearable.

Movement of the dress, in addition to beautiful and handsome, the most important thing is to fit sports, and sports environment. Select sportswear fit is very important to be able to adapt to the sport of motor skills, body stretching, jumping, walking, stopping, running; hand and foot movements must take into account the comfort level.

The choice of sports shoes, then the focus on functionality, different projects is necessary to choose a different exercise of professional sports shoes, size, fit and comfortable air-cushion to prevent vibration, reducing pressure on joints, durable and durable, easy cleaning and maintenance. Do not exercise the usual wear the same shoes. Sports shoes should be able to meet the specific biomechanical needs. The characteristics of shoe is also very important, no matter what you are engaged in movement, your shoes should be able to cushioning, support, durability and, most important factor - to strike a balance between the fit. All in all, these features can help you exercise comfortably and prevent foot, leg or lumbar injury.

Permeability is also very important, so that feet breathe, breathable, flexible and can be Sweat-absorbent insoles, shoe heel will have to note that strong and stable.

Jogging shoes, selecting shoe heel to large solid, lace the need for lining the bottom of the tongue to protect the instep and toe extensor tendon. Laminated with soft soles to absorb the shock effect; to light should be soft, impact-resistant soles; to the stability and vibration of the primary considerations.

Buy athletic shoes, they should try a sport socks, toe front-end reserve space, shoes, feet longer than the length of 2

3 cm more appropriate. New shoes to wear long loose than the old shoes, toes and toe reserved space can be avoided by the abrasion swollen feet, adjust the foot moisture, so feet dry.

Down in favor of people who are generally chosen linear or slightly semi-curved shoe-shaped stretch head; downward-sloping of people who could choose to use curved-shaped or semi-curved shoe-shaped stretch head to adjust their gait. Specific shoe type depending on the particular circumstances.

Aerobic exercise, aerobics dance, cheerleading shoes such as the choice, they should pay attention to soft in nature; insole flexible tongue could be a soft shoes back bending, stretching, bending and torsion feet, so feet feel soft and comfortable, to avoid aerobic exercise, aerobics dance, cheerleading moves when a sprained foot, please note that fit their comfort, support stability, shock sex.

A pair of professional sport shoes are essential, it can avoid sports injuries, so that movement more efficient, do not casually wear a pair of casual shoes started doing intense exercise, so as to avoid permanent injuries.

Athletic shoes in several important indicators of the internal support features

aerobic exercise in multi-directional mobility demands a very solid shoe. Various manufacturers offer different characteristics of internal support. Some manufacturers use the molding at the end, so that legs could appropriateness to stampede in the shoes In addition, the fiber along the shoes can also be a week to lend support. Some shoe manufacturers to improve flexibility, increase only in the heel pad at fiberboard.

Strong external support of wear of the heel support piece can greatly reduce the heel movement. Relatively wide, the outer bottom part is called followed by the fixed section. It consists of plastic, and the distribution along the foot a week, followed by a support fixed to the chip. Many shoes are now using a fixed frame, fixed frame is a polymer used to support the state attachments, along the vertical distribution of shoes outside. Other features include stability and support of plastic (usually together with the shoes, eyes), dimensional adhesive sticky ride barbed article also provides lateral support and help their properties.

Cushioning characteristics of the conventional aerobic exercise have a special impact on the pressure, generally the equivalent of 5 times your body weight. Therefore, a good cushioning performance is essential. In the end will help to spread the impact. Good in the end made by a molded EVA or polyurethane. The manufacturers are offering many types of technologies in order to further increase the performance of the end of cushioning. If you are under downward-sloping person, or strenuous exercise, you may be more than down in favor of people who need better cushioning properties.

Replaceable insole insole also has a certain degree of cushioning performance, most vulnerable to damage. In the shoes of the half life of a good time to replace the insoles, there is a fundamental change of principles: to conduct 150 hours of aerobic exercise, the insole will lose elasticity, this time should be replaced insole. (According to different people, different kinds of training may be.)


shoe is flexible in movement by your feet feel the decision. Increase only in the heel pad as a whole than the use of fiberboard fiberboard design of athletic shoes have better flexibility, low sports shoes can also help improve flexibility.

Fit your feet under pressure and conduct aerobic exercise will increase. Intense heat generated by the movement will increase the half-size feet. At the same time, buy shoes, not too crowded when the feet, shoes, tops and between your longest toe should be a thumb-A wide gap in order to guarantee that your toes can move freely, followed by the parts should be neat and smooth. In addition, the feet should always measure the length of the growth because of their age and injury are likely to change the size of the foot.

Yonex badminton racket / shoes authenticity of the check website

hope that we can help you
yseb2010-02-12 06:32:05 +0000 #3



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