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Who knows badminton racket in the production process

Shanghai Shanghai Oh2010-02-12 08:01:20 +0000 #1

shushxu2010-02-12 08:04:17 +0000 #2
production process

Step 1: The cut to small chunks of carbon fiber cloth.

Step 2: The garden made of carbon fiber cloth roll tube. Roll bar part of the film roll film box section

Step 3: to roll a good tube pre-forming Na Qu, the so-called pre-forming is a racket into something like, in this process where loaded T Tau Road.

Step 4: Cleaning mold, in order to ensure a clean product needs a good cleaning mold clean up the mold after the heating station 10 minutes into the hot, wipe out and opened the mold release agent 1:1 quality, hot mold for 10 minutes After cooling to 50 degrees can be prepared into the mold.

Step 5: Well, after mold cleaned, it had to enter that mode. Open the home both sides of the mold, turn out the right side of the preform good racket, first in the mold (left) made into the mold to adjust movement, from the top box, box face down two fingers Crimping Department made three pressure level adjustment action, placed in service after the paste under the mold, placed in the correct position, the left hand suppress the three links down the right hand pressed into the possession of cis-cavity, the air nozzle into the cavity identified in the box surface elastic medium.

Step 6 : into the finished mold will be followed by die Ge Hao. Into the mold to be coherent, there must be heard the voices of the upper and lower mold Hu Peng, and re-opened to confirm the phenomenon of non-clip yarn, and then covered with mold, the mold as far as possible under the pressure get ready to push into the hot desks;

Step 7: Cover model as soon as possible after the platform into the hot, the heated molding. This process takes half an hour, so will become a solid epoxy resin.

Step 8: half an hour into the heating, the product is almost good, we can see that the early embryo out.

Step 9: Then take the early embryo removed. The following to the overflow of epoxy Naqu worn.

Step 10: badminton racket rough coarse grinding operations, use FILE to beat box on a clean resin grinding debris.

Step 11: The next step is drilling holes in threading.

Step 12: After the drill finished space, we must group handle, to the deployment of a good glue poured inside the wooden.

Wood's mouth also glue water.

Racket of the early embryo have to glue water.

Step 13: Yes, after a good adhesive, it will combine them.

Step 14: Group Wood need to adjust the level of a good degree of each plane.

Step 15: Group finished wooden, you look at a rough look on the out.

Step 16: stood put it aside for 8 hours, they will become one of the firm. The next step is a small module. Fine mode is to supplement soil preparation.

17 Step three: fill the role of soil what is it? This very critical process.

A: to fill the surface of the pinhole.

2: make a better paint adhesion, that is not so easy to Diaoqi of.

18 Step: fill soil beautiful luster after the completion of the paint sprayed on. After the assembly is a plastic base.

Step 19: around the hand gel.

Finally lay the net, a racket is complete.
The3rdGame2010-02-12 08:44:50 +0000 #3
less an answer to the above process, after the 18th step, followed by a quote of water standard. Standard is a racket on the water addition to color a variety of identification.



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