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YONEX What is the difference of the different series

zhouyuanidea2010-02-12 08:01:34 +0000 #1
is the CAB, ISO, etc. What's the difference, specifically 1:00
yuliang1987452010-02-12 08:12:16 +0000 #2
Yonex YONEX badminton rackets models, characterized by

TITANIUM --- Ti Ti film series

Aerospace Materials Titanium carbon fiber than the average 250% while its share of hard, have a heavier 230%. This feature enables to produce increases in titanium Wang Yu pat head faster, more power to make shots to send to the ball, and manipulation easier without increasing the weight of additional racket. Titanium metal mesh low torque characteristics of the original to ensure that the racket face can stop maneuvering force. In addition to providing a faster speed, titanium mesh has been cast in the racket face the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock position of the clock to strengthen the power and stability, thereby improving the sweet spot racket face does not catch the ball when the effects of dessert. Ti10 produced this classic model, started a version is matte paint, and later two versions designed by sunrise (the second-generation yellow Ti10), yonex Japanese plant manufacturing, has just released version sp, etc.; three generations of Ti10 purple, ch version of a sales . In comparison, the first and second generation of the three generations of Ti10 as the first generation of lighter than that, but it scrolls up and will feel quite the head or the sink. Three generations of stroke than the second-generation and generation are soft.

ISOMETRIC --- ISO (square racket head) series

the use of innovative square head shot, so shoot the same side of the longitudinal length of string compared to traditional film-shaped root number increased 3-5 times, so beat the ball sweet spot (sweet point) that is the best hitting area increased 32%, so that players easier to hit the ball back out of high quality. AR film box-shaped cross-section has, VF-shaped variety of changes, from the current trend is ISO bat has been used to ISO, Ti series badminton racket, badminton racket will become the standard for future bat. Classic Model: ISO-TOUR 800

AEROTUS --- AR (low-resistance wing-type film frame) series

film frame for the flat oval-shaped cross-section, similar to aircraft wing profile, getting thin and wide frame design than the traditional racket thin 11%, width 26%, ball pat head heavy racket than usual, using this type of film frame structure can reduce air resistance when they swing and enhance torque beat box performance, increase 22% attack power. To make it easier to hit a player high-speed back to the ball great. However, as the thickness of thin film to make badminton racket frame cross-section of the point decline in performance, more aggressive players favorite. Classic Model: AR50

CARBONEX --- CAB (carbon fiber) series

a traditional badminton racket bat early and low-end products racket similar to that of aluminum racket nearly circular section, the latter making use of a box-section frame design At the same time using a vacuum pressure composite design, the internal pressure from the film frame, so that the formation of a vacuum, the pressure from the internal to external expansion, it can bring the carbon film box produced a strong rebound and shot power. As the film thickness of the thickest frame cross-section so as to provide a higher stability ball and a smaller torque, which point performance is the best of all the series, is still some of the world-class men's singles player of choice. Classic Model: cab20 (20 years, the classic), cab30muscle, sadness film: CAB21 CAB25 (these two beat thunder suppressed by 20, though very good, but not many people know, just like in 2008 there were sold ).

In this series, the production process fully reflects the Japanese in the imitation and the "draw" has indeed had a higher level. CAB20 the most classic example, its design, materials, and even the patterns are completely copied once known as the "shoot the king," Taiwan KENNEX POR 787-based racket, was only saved when the confrontation with the loss in the KENNEX.

BASIC --- B (primary) badminton racket Series

using aluminum alloy frame and steel pipe making low-end film shot by shot, the performance was not much advantage, but as the price of Yonex Chupin enough to give you a jump.

MUSCLEPOWER series of tough, to the body shape of arutimamuchitan composite supidom assurusurimu removed Hui increased more smash speed. MP 99, a common titanium fiber about 3 times the intensity and carbon rods about 2 times the resilience, not just axis in the world for the first time framework also carry satellite components are also able to use super-elastic material, " arutimamuchitan ". Because in the end into the framework of chord by vigorously "massurupawafuremu" The multiplying effect of the impact of time and accumulated energy was increased to achieve the other side on the smash tie coat. At the same time, MP 99 to limit the overwhelming use of the air resistance slimness body shape. Since 6% slimness overtaken by 3% • The framework of the things shaking speed increased by 5%-axis. * As of high, fast racket work. MP performance racket easily manage any challenge. Brought about by the arch-shaped groove shoot lines shoot box integration advantages of its excellent stability of the general racket incomparable, so that smash ball increase 5%. This advanced architecture brings superior performance and support you with difficult to cope with the speed of suppressing opponents. MP structure makes beat box and shoot the close-line synthesis of a whole. It is this overall superiority, will not let the energy loss and waste, in an instant smash in the racket of the huge hidden kinetic energy transported straight to the badminton. Classical model; mp99 mp100 tragic shooting: MP88 (thunder was 99 and 100 held down tightly, although this is very characteristic beat Peter Gade Christensen is also used for a very long period of time, but, after all, the reputation is low, they know There are few people beat a very good)


ARMORTEC series badminton racket using an innovative carbon fiber composite with a special metal structure of titanium armor. This material compound in the film box at the top, the relative carbon fiber to produce a greater force of gravity, to enhance racket ball of energy. gForce Ti can produce two times the carbon fiber to end, so that when the moment of inertia waving racket been raised and hitting power will increase as well. Innovative edge of making the first compression structure, enhancing the stability of 3% of the film surface. Bearing on the film frame by improved durability, so that the body has a higher pull film tension. Racket head titanium armor enhance the gravitational effect of raising the limit smash 4%. ARMORTEC series to provide a new racket for doubles players of the CSCAP precision-guided Grip cone cover and shoot poles and Grip lighter weight, so that the players easier to control the racket tightly and allow high-speed backhand swing to become more flexible, precise, so that from the body action and more light footwork movement can be achieved. Single-line-hole design (AT800 AT900 NS7000 NS8000 NS9000 NS7700 ARC7 ARC9 ARC10 are used)

aims to provide a higher load-bearing frame film durability in the fierce competition, the racket racket collisions often result in impairment. YONEX In the new racket on the use of a single line of holes designed to make racket at 2 o'clock and 10 o'clock position of the tension load more evenly and improve racket durability 7%, thereby reducing the impact of the impairment rate of racket. . gForce Ti titanium armor technology will be the power and speed of the racket to a higher peak. "Titanium armor" is YONEX make full use of mechanical heart developed a unique titanium quoted material, and specifically referred to as "gForce Ti". Titanium armor structure is ahead of this titanium alloy gForce Ti bonding to the film as the skin, like the top of the front frame, so that the most excellent racket acceleration of gravity, so that the racket from have a higher speed than ever before and more powerful power. Classic Model: AT700, AT800DE AT900P AT900T (AT900T and AT900P because NANOSPEED series out after the out, so using NANO technology).

NANOSPEED series of nano-scale titanium elastic fibers, the players realize the dream

- shoot at the same time frame with high strength and high elasticity

players dream of racket performance because the nano-scale elastic fibers in the use of titanium has been achieved: to make nano-scale titanium fiber beat box, both high strength and high elasticity. Nano-scale titanium fiber with a rubber band at the same time as the high-stretch elastic and structural high strength, such a level so that players can fully display their combination of technical skills and tactical strategies, the performance was to win in the racket edge.

Nano-scale titanium filaments have a strong retraction features, performance, beyond the traditional frame of film material. Be buried in the film frame on both sides, when the racket hitting the ball an instant, shooting frame deflection under attack and when that happens, nano-titanium fiber transient response immediately racket rebound from a deflection to beat state box prototype, so that badminton can be a highly accurate perspective and full of power reflected back from the line of bed on the market.

innovative nano-scale science and technology of production of new composite materials Vladimir Lun particles, making simple and easy swing can lead to more high-speed bullet and faster in order to enhance the strength of the racket, the traditional technology that only thickening layer structure of graphite and carbon fiber, thereby increasing the weight of the racket, resulting in decreased flexibility in wielding the racket. YONEX nano-science and technology is the use of nanoscale particles and carbon fiber Vladimir Lun. YONEX nano-scale molecular techniques, to give YONEX control of high-sensitivity will be pushed to the racket materials function at the molecular level. Such nano-scale process to build a high performance molecular composite material system, and create a more stable, more delicate, more robust head light racket, making simple and easy swing can result in higher flexibility and faster speed. Solid core to enhance comfort and a sense of box frame in the film within the cavity filled with shock-absorbing foam composite resin materials, to reduce the racket uncomfortable oscillation, only allow a solid sense of delivery to the Grip is conducive to a more accurate ball. Triangular power racket racket have both high strength and high elasticity and aerodynamic cross-section of the film frame can reduce the air resistance will help accelerate the racket head to enhance the speed and power shots. Box-section can improve the stability of film surface and provide a solid feel. YONEX a combination of the characteristics of the two into a new racket technology "triangle powerful racket," and can not reduce the power of the premise to provide a solid, stable ball racket surface. gForce Ti titanium armor technology will be the power and speed of the racket to a higher peak. 9000 uses soft titanium technology, nano-titanium alloy Elastic Ti combines the soft metal of high strength and high elastic rubber-like, its performance over traditional carbon materials. In the batting Yi Sha, soft Titanium Elastic Ii first used to store energy of deformation, followed by an instant form of energy recovery will accurately complete rebound. (AT900 also adopted). ns9900 X-nano-carbon, X-nanometer carbon nano-carbon is better than the binding resin, using X-nanometer carbon rebound by 4%, rigidity increased by 6%. Classic Model: NS9900 NS9000S NS8000 NS7000 NS9000X)


In the film the latest series of box YONEX using the latest design - stacked cups nanotubes, like the overlapping of several multi-storey glass structure nanotubes overlapping one by one cup in the bomb by the shock can be more flexible movement, so it is not only carbon nanotubes than a typical high strength, but will also have the tenacity and flexibility, can play a tough resilience.

In the film box, fold the side fitted with cup nanotubes ARC series, badminton longer dwell time, Li Xian accelerated speed. As a result, the racket will be controlled and power improved, in order to achieve the objectives of the players.

ARC series incorporates a new built-in T-shaped connector 『』; containing box and shoot in the shoot pole connecting parts of the "built-in T-shaped connector," Strong anti-deformation of the film surface to improve stability, to achieve high-precision control of performance and is YONEX badminton rackets of the "original technology." The new built-in T-shaped connector 『』 to light-weight alloy materials into a special plastic materials, combined with a new type of epoxy resin. Accuracy and quality are further improved, making boxes, making shots more integrated. And it can avoid the deformation generated when playing, getting a more stable surface to further enhance the pull lofty ball control performance. Smash faster play unparalleled power. ARC-10 in the racket YONEX applied the latest design - stacked cups nanotubes, like the overlapping of several multi-storey glass structure nanotubes, overlapping one by one cup in the bomb by the shock can be more flexible movement, so it is not only carbon nanotubes than the average high strength, but will also have the tenacity and flexibility, can play a tough resilience. 2009,09,19 new film, YONEX ARC-Z-SLASH's slogan is a challenge the speed limit, the classic model: ARC Z ARC10 ARC7 ARC9

YONEX the producer has three: the high-end rackets are in Japan, domestic production, some low-end models manufactured in Taiwan.

YONEX basis of the sales division of the region and the different objects in different versions. Let's see, that is, the regular CH (China), TW (Taiwan), SP (IP Indonesian / HK Hong Kong) (Singapore), TH (Thailand), JP (Japan) and CP / CN (YONEX sponsorship to the Chinese national team).

CP (Chinese national professional teams), CN (Chinese national team) are YONEX racket sponsor dedicated to the Chinese national team, only a very few cases, through gifts and other channels into the market. In terms of performance and materials are common racket can not compare with, and there is value to the collection, so prices are unmatched by other racket.

CH (China):

is to specify the formal sale racket in the country, that is CH version is honest and upright in the domestic market sales of the licensed racket. While the other version of the racket, parallel imports, fake goods are in the hands of the domestic sphere to see the version of the Friends include:

1, SP (IP Indonesian / HK Hong Kong) (Singapore): As the price and flow of the reasons, in addition to CH edition in addition, SP is the largest on the market beat. But imitation is also shot up, it is difficult to distinguish between a parallel or fake goods, so if people are not experts and cautious buying.

2, TW (Taiwan): TW racket in materials and in SP rather, the price also equivalent to only a few due to transport and marketing costs, etc., causing a number of differences.

3, JP (Japan); in the price, in addition to the national team specifically for countries outside racket, JP version of the material and performance is the best. Therefore, prices are highest. JP version and CH version of the same material, but sold a different destination.

4, TH (Thailand): Thailand is one of YONEX origin, but Thailand's YONEX plants produce only a local sales racket in Thailand. Therefore, TH version and other versions of the racket have a certain gap.

Although there are many versions, there are several origin, but the use of technology are the same, the difference is the level of the use of the material. As the model number of the various models of the price differences between materials are different and can only be a general comparison.

From the material to compare: CP / CN> JP / CH> SP / TW> TH

from the price comparison: CP / CN> JP> CH> SP / TW> TH.
Mizie2012-04-06 09:14:30 +0000 #3
How about Yonex model Nanoray?



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