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I would like to read the sports school badminton, badminton items in Guangdong, what sports schools

839409849Wendy2010-02-12 08:02:12 +0000 #1
Recently in the city of the Games, I took Junior Badminton title. Would like to read sports school, Guangdong, what are the sports school badminton do? How to enter the Sports School?

This can be done, the Deputy on the prospectuses Oh ^ - ^
HE Yi-feng2010-02-12 08:15:20 +0000 #2
First you must be psychologically prepared to practice sports in the country so much, but there is only one winner. Into the sports school to pass the test, such as: special test, functional test patterns, physical fitness test, general knowledge test. That is, the pace and specific technical, physical fitness is almost 800 meters 50 meters and long jump (800 Mida to 3 minutes 35 seconds, then that's pretty good, long jump 1 meter to 9-2 meters), your culture into the sports school before the exam is that you The last semester final exams, shape function is your height and weight of the class, the most important thing is you do not have hepatitis B, and then, if your parents know would like to enter sports school year if they might help you-Latin American relations, we can of the The above said, the test if you test when you reach the provisions of sub-tests, then finished. The most important thing is the relationship. In fact I am also a sports school students to practice badminton. Which province do not specifically say
Danear2010-02-12 08:25:36 +0000 #3
Basically, most of the special sports schools are badminton, it is recommended to ask the provincial sports school.

Into the sports school is to see the main body measurement and competition results, you now have a race results, as long as the basic body of test results had no problem.



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