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Oliver badminton racket on the issue!

victorlzy2010-02-12 09:01:09 +0000 #1
Has recently tried to buy a badminton racket, although the play there was a time, and may not know much about badminton racket area.

A few days ago on Taobao Oliver saw a beat is 13,000, the price was 155 yuan, is a genuine do, I see 12000 Taiyuan monopoly price, but 898, I'm looking for knowledgeable suggestions and comments to the point! Both 12000 and 13000 which beat better! Me strength can be!

There are a small problem, Taobao's Haud Sport is now selling a 15000 price 198.

Http:// do this is authentic?

Been waiting the answer, thank you!
836,957,5452010-02-12 09:12:03 +0000 #2
This Xiongtai you look at the Oliver 13000 Zhezhi tempo generally do not fake, this is not what Oliver racket brand reputation, who is going to imitate him ah. Now all of the fake goods are generally more loud ah imitation known, like YONEX the ARC-10 NS-9900 NS-9000 AT-900 AT-700 and so on and so on, because to buy fake goods in general that there is only imitation a good reputation and selling high-end racket gone, Oliver imitation of such low-end to find out what does this mean having no money to be earned. 12000 and 13000 of the original price is the same, like you say you power then you can also buy 13000 Bar, 13000 offensive stronger than 12000. If you do not rest assured that you are in search Haichuan Taobao Mall, where only sell authentic sports franchise, you can rest assured. Price to compare the benefits you can go there to see.



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