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Shoulder ring, and the micro-pain

yyyxxx_0022010-02-12 09:01:28 +0000 #1
have been non-stop playing badminton, most recently playing more, and three times a week or so, each time are more dramatic confrontation. This is two days a slight shoulder discomfort, walking a very slight Gatha Gatha ring, a wide range of activities in slight pain.

Can I do this a problem, or else go to the hospital to look?
Avatar 12010-02-12 09:11:14 +0000 #2
badminton sports injuries include: shoulder injury, elbow injury, wrist injury, psoas injury, thigh muscle injury, knee injury, Achilles tendon and ankle joint injury.

Shoulder injury, usually due to technical movements expert shots are not working together or too heavy a burden on local contacts (such as too much a long time to energetically sand dunes, etc.) cause.

Shoulder injury improvement measures

strengthening the shoulder and shoulder flexibility strength training stretching training. Arm bending mode with a certain weight of items placed on the elbow, flat-held to shoulder high and sustained control of this quiescent state 1 - 2 minutes for a group, each training 4 - 6 group. Each intermittent positive pressure will be shoulders, anti-pull, before and after the relaxation activity circling, and jitter.

In addition, we must make preparations before playing the full stretch the body parts. Good preparations will not only protect you against sports injuries, but also can play a better technical condition.

I have presented here is mainly general issues, specific circumstances may refer to the first floor of a friend.

Hope to give you help, I wish you recovery skills improve.
Hera chairs2010-02-12 09:14:46 +0000 #3
I am also a 1 week 3 times, in front of one period a week, eight times, the results of the body much. On the tight shoulder, and hand back to go back. The results on the deposition of the two packets of Chinese medicine out-patient drugs, was "take" twice, and was cured. TCM's "take" operation really is not blowing, when the hands will be back. After unloading the drugs, joints on the loose, and will rattle sound.

Now every time I kick down the ball, all with rolling oil paint, and then pull joints. The next day like a lot of hands. You can also try.

If the hand two days fighting back will not go back, we should consider the Chinese medicine hospital of. Is not expensive, and are not afraid.

Is mainly tight tendons, or a slightly misplaced. Take what's good enough. Do not go to these massage shops, will be hurt the.
rt12202010-02-12 10:08:43 +0000 #4
normal strain is normal, there is a sound joint friction, which should be a little congestion bar. Maybe you do not swing, Er Shi shoulder excessive force.

Here to be divided into two in the first instance, If you go to play opened, there is no feel pain, just do not play when it is pain, then go home heat or what, on some medicine and rest on one or two weeks playing the basic good, or you can say, as my dear friend upstairs to see a good iron faster, Cupping is also good, but not recommended for her own past, looking for someone to get better points.

The second case, if the campaign to play, and shoulder pain will be the case, estimated that at least strain is serious, you should go and see a doctor.

I wish you to continue to play a pleasant



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