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Badminton first serve Standards

Even before death2010-02-12 09:01:53 +0000 #1

I fly
Avatar 12010-02-12 09:04:47 +0000 #2
I am a specialist in playing badminton singles in

Can be taken Portal backcourt before the ball and the ball in two ways.

Being backhand Portal before the ball only to recover the body with the hair (or face), hair backhand corner, sudden onset of quick backcourt-ping golf ball the way of peace. Issued only after the field is best used when the top of the method (that is, from the top of each other's heads, but to have a certain height, to avoid the interception), or furthest distance from his body. These types of ball that the main mode is caused by a sudden and awkward ball back to the other (passive), which is you have to win the initiative is conducive to attack.

Being issued until after the game, usually when the ball with the lofty, flat golf and so on. The purpose of lofty goals is to make each other's off-center, he was mobilized in the end line near the assault caused him difficulties, while contributing their own time to prepare. Have used the ping golf, ping golf key is to use the characteristics of high and fast, then serve inroads tactics can be used. In addition, the ball is over the top of the line, and try to deviate from each other's position.

In the doubles, in general only a small ball with a backhand way before Portal. Then according to the other side of the exhibition stations, the other side the habit of return of serve, the side members of the stations serve, but the aim is to convince the other trapped in a passive, serving inroads. In the lead when suddenly the ball soon after the field level (but be careful not to start the ball area), forcing the ball back to the other center of gravity caused by the difficulties.

I will focus on the tactical aspects. Additional technical and serve some of the rules I will not go into detail.

Singles to the final surface of the bottom line is bounded to both sides of the inner line the inside edges

doubles after the line side is bounded to both sides of the outer edges of the line

hope I can help you also wish your skills there are big step forward.
wenxuegenious2010-02-12 09:40:17 +0000 #3
You are to be singles or doubles呀
rt12202010-02-12 09:12:53 +0000 #4
right angle made money, and hit points can not be too waist (so-called hip waist to the bottom of both the period of one rib), hit the ball above the film surface can not be beat take hand, serve to the diagonal serving the region (ie, service line and bottom line, the composition of the space edges)

singles to the final surface is bounded by the bottom line, to line both sides of the inner side edges

doubles after the line inside sector, in order to line both sides of the outer side edges

scores serve alone, the number of scores sent to the other side in the left area the left area, double the number of scores sent to his side of the right areas other than the right area




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