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Recommend a handy victory VICTOR badminton bar

sunwen08882010-02-12 10:01:03 +0000 #1
Taobao mall in my eyes on a model for the Challenger / CHALLENGER 9500 Racket

price is 228, and that is genuine, all-carbon of the!

Do not know how much the market price of this racket?

Also, I was a beginner, please not give recommendation within the beat do 200-400?

If the answer is very professional, very appropriate, then give you additional points! Thank you for the first answer!
jjfdn2010-02-12 10:12:24 +0000 #2
suggest you take a look at their first physical store, waving several times, that feeling which we chose the best better.

Their feelings of the most important, others are not necessarily recommended for you.
836,957,5452010-02-12 10:10:24 +0000 #3
up to the person you like you can see this section of the racket 228 victory was genuine, and his original price was 320 yuan. Like the racket is not only suitable for beginners because of the Challenger 9500 film racket head is relatively heavy, like most beginners choose rackets, racket head the way you want to put it mildly fight more relaxed, easy to drag the backcourt. If you beat the first fight with more emphasis on the wrist injury, there is a dry film will not be too hard, to choose the hard or soft ball patted dry, did you dry fold larger point, the rebound would be a good racket a lot, you fight in order to ease a lot, not so tired. Can take a look at these paragraphs: the victory of the pulse 996 ARTERY TECPro 996 badminton racket VICTOR explorer EXPLORER CLS 6300 badminton racket VICTOR / Victor Super Nano 08 Badminton Racket

VICTOR explorer EXPLORER PRO 660 badminton racket these paragraphs are more suitable for you, Which, as you look at 228 per's are expensive, and you can Taobao Mall "Haichuan sports franchise" Look, there is the more expensive genuine, you can compare. Him only genuine, I have several friends have bought there.
Promotion campaigns2010-02-12 11:14:48 +0000 #4
beginners the most classic brand is the price of victory 3530,158 yuan is absolutely excellent value for money, the details you can refer to, There are an explorer 6500 is particularly suitable for beginners, the details can be found, you mentioned above challenger 9500 price of 320 yuan, Buy Victory beat can query the authenticity of our commitment to leave a fine of 10, you can rest assured to buy!



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