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Many school teachers will say to my badminton talent is high but now I do not know if 13 can enter t

Die ˉ Bu pm2010-02-12 10:01:33 +0000 #1

disclaimer _12010-02-12 10:12:01 +0000 #2
a little bit bigger, but you can try to send a professional badminton school if there is talent, there is still hope ... ...

But then think about it, 13 badminton at age of this ring is considered late, and are generally 78-year-old started in the professional schools, professional training ... ...
l32307102010-02-12 10:26:57 +0000 #3
should not be able bar to 16-year-old
matinhuang2010-02-12 10:51:58 +0000 #4
Age does not matter, as long as you have the strength. Perhaps you will be the next one Lin Dan.



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