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Altai o02010-02-12 11:01:45 +0000 #1
first explain my situation:

I went to Canada to study, twelve grade, first came more than two months have not completely adapt, would like to pay some friends to improve their English. I reported that a school badminton team testing, if the election in the training of school teams that can enter competitions ah ah.

would like to seize this opportunity! I have not had formal study or practice badminton, but nothing to play with when in China, and sometimes physical education fun of it. In other words, the level of poor. test is in the January 5, I have nearly a month's time, would like to conduct some surprise! not seeking how good, but only to not lose face.

would like badminton teams Weapon masters are to me, do not is too professional, you can tell me the basic elements. For example pay attention to what aspects of practice and the like! grateful
Yong Yi吾爱2010-02-12 11:11:32 +0000 #2
see game action and drawing attention to the wrist film exhibition arm, can be a force will be issued , then is the pace, playing time to move the brain, try to pull opponents, press each other's backhand, a month, do not expect any particularly strong level of the
more milk and coffee polysaccharides2010-02-12 11:30:54 +0000 #3
amateur badminton pairs of lovers, succeed in a short time to improve ball game skills, can use some of the more practical approach, here we have to recommend a 16 law.

1, and strive to the top of the body before the shot, do not let the ball drop to the neck height, otherwise the ball would not hit back at attack power.

2, clapped and shook stay relaxed as much as possible in order to maximize wrist strength.

3, in the singles, every time a shot immediately after return to center stage. In doubles, when defensive back with the companion should be parallel to the position, while in the doubles with fellow offensive should be maintained before and after the position in doubles serve, the hair immediately after a short ball forward close up to prevent the opponent to play a short ball fight back.

4, in the singles, unless Spike, do not put the ball in the midfield in each other as much as possible to play corners.

5, making a strong forehand or backhand stroke, the body should be hitting the side of the rotation in order to firm your feet.

6, singles to drive the ball high and far as possible, doubles serve shorter, the ball's flight line should be close to the upper edge of the net, serve to be volatile.

7, within the scope permitted by the rules as much as possible with the fake fool the enemy, but they had not revealed his intentions.

8, playing the ball lofty, it is necessary to accurately judge the ball's flight direction, the ball high and play as much as possible close to each other's bottom line.

9, hanging the net the ball, the ball of the line should be short and, if possible * Near net.

10, Spike's as far as possible a direct hit from an opponent or clapping each other's grip, or shoulder.

11, when you know what to do or in need of temporary respite from the opportunity to play a high serve, and then return to the center of the field.

12, for beginners, the backhand side lines are normally the weak areas, should pay attention to fight for their weaknesses.

13, the first field hit back at golf, they should maximize the use of spike, spiking is an important means of scoring, but do not hit the bottom line at the ball high and short, this is usually to kill the ball to the opponent a chance.

14, many athletes have their own unique style of play, it must be good at judging the ball's impact point, timely access to appropriate location, but do not reveal their early movement.

15, in the doubles the return of serve, the racket to force an opponent to lift the low ball, if the other side of the ball too high, immediately stepped forward to kill.

16, if you are scoring, not to change the style of play, if you are lost, they should immediately adjust the gentle method, if you have a continuous attack did not work, to play a high serve, and then look to re-attack aircraft, complemented by

the last : Multi-Contact your wrist force and leg strength to increase the bounce and swing speed and strength
semi-finished baby2010-02-12 12:09:35 +0000 #4
game if it is tested, it should surprise, suggested that we first learn a lofty ball! Another is to hit the ball high and far to find a will to teach you to play the basic lofty ball swing movement, met the general quality of rookie ball back to no higher, the ball back to midfield, to their advantage when the hit the ball low, quick on the OK! But if it is the skills test, then the general will test deep high balls, made of small balls, then hit lofty ball and kill ball, It may also examine your gait, then be more difficult! Have to find a professional who gives you guidance! I wish you succeed in this!
darshn2010-02-12 11:20:53 +0000 #5
My little more experience:

1, learn to grip: palm of the hand empty, grip loose, hit the ball an instant grip

2, learn to hit the ball: High-click on the ball, hitting as high as possible when the elbow, arm waving, wrist force rejection

3, practice and lofty goals



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