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How to improve the level of badminton

wanghysy2010-02-12 12:02:07 +0000 #1
I am now 17, played much better than the average student. Proficient use of the basic techniques. But I feel that the ball is not enough in dealing with delicate little power to kill the ball is not backhand lift the net. Want to be able to Zhidianmijin Gao Ren. Satisfied with extra points if you can (and do not copy and paste!!! According to my situation for some of its recommendations (*^__^*))
yuxing07201112010-02-12 12:16:12 +0000 #2
my right hand grip, for example, if you are left-handed then the contrary, essentials are as follows:

1, ready to kill before the ball sideways, left foot in front, feet of the toes touch the ground, and back with the fast pace of retreat, so that sweet spot before the top of your right shoulder. Because the sweet spot on the list, then can only play golf in.

2, kill the ball before the lean back, the basic model into a bow, so that makes you spend all the forces of the body.

3, to kill the ball before the grip must be relaxed and have a gap between the palms and the Grip, which is the most important, because only the first power of relaxation can be obtained by killing the ball, otherwise, if the grip has been very tight, wrist strength to make sure that is not out. To kill the ball to kill the ball instantly grip beat energetically.

4, to kill the ball instantly by the wrist and fingers (index fingers mostly) of explosive, like smoke, like a whip, this is all post-market technologies badminton focus, and tennis not the same, absolutely do not rely on big arm Rejection Lai-Fa Li, otherwise neither the speed of the ball in the past after another will make you hurt.

5, when the take-off around the time the ball began to drop, and the first legs to keep peg-leg position, relying on tiptoe tread to the power take-off killing the ball, turned around immediately after killing the ball, left foot in the post and the first touch the ground, right Back to the venue after landing foot center.

Like Lin Dan, Taufik, as wonderful smash the ball, in addition to the technical and bounce with the absolute, there are also an indispensable prerequisite for the basis of:

1, superior chest. Because they did kill the ball, especially the jump smash is to make the limited power of all of the body to kill the ball used in the moment, so that the speed of the ball up till. As a female player, I used the jump smash small, but no matter what kind of killing the ball, they must kill before the first ball to lean back into the bow, and then the power of the body from the waist to the upper chest and then to the final act on the ball on. Chest as a transit station, has a vital role on the chest, so as the male athletes, Enhancing breast muscle is the most important prerequisite.

2, a skilled ability to kill the ball. You have the body outside the premise, the usual retreat from in situ to kill the ball (including the forehand and overhead) must be ripe and cooked again, and the impact point should be in place.

3, a physical exercise to maintain. Because they jump to kill the ball is moving backwards first and then jump to kill the ball, and then also the rapid Internet access, so there is no ample and repeated physical attack is simply impossible. Even in situ jump smash is also very physical exertion, so physical fitness to maintain.

4, in addition to jumping ability is also very important because the high jump shot on the high point of scrambling for the ball there is a threat

view of the above, you usually need to do is to many special qualities and thought Badminton: leapfrog, high - leg lift running, jumping around, and so on. There is also a basic Enhancing killing the ball as they did before the development of large-scale take-off killing the ball.

Hope my answer satisfied you can
ryches2010-02-12 12:18:37 +0000 #3
The first is to play and master, looking for master ought to sports school, to find a kids OK,呵呵
small ball to practice the words of a professional not as good as the old ball You Zi, Only step in place in order to strengthen my balls

so first step is to see if their place

killing the ball and backhand you can more than half a step back, so that both the strength and angle of a better time for back bit longer
Billiards I is king2010-02-12 13:21:02 +0000 #4
find expert coaches teach you to play or looking for technology to improve very fast! ! A floor is too hurt people, and 17-year-old is also looking for children to play? That definitely win Well! To force it a bit challenging to improve faster
wangyg5212010-02-12 13:40:00 +0000 #5
more practice

as the different characteristics of people are familiar with a variety of learning

Qiu Lu

In addition to progress in this way can learn to change
marszyh2010-02-12 12:58:22 +0000 #6
uh. . . . Have this level, and personally believe that you can only go to the club a coach, and has spent not too much, the cost of several hundred dollars a month, learning one or two months, after pointing a professional, should be greatly improved.
zhouyou19082010-02-12 13:17:50 +0000 #7
find a coach it, 17 if still in high school should be ah, secondary schools should have it, the outside is not very expensive. Coaches can be at a glance your shortcomings and strengths, for the training. Training off the root with no training had been that the two concepts.

Tell the truth 17-year-old want to be a professional athlete seems a bit late, if only a few friends living together is more than just the words they like to play on it.

A few suggestions, 1. Basic skills is important, you may still find it very monotonous training, but if you really trained in good words can be very useful. 2. Note that step, some problems appear to be in the hands of, say, the net ball, smash. In fact, quite the relationship with the footwork, can not stand the most advantageous position in fact is very important.
tearsNeverDry2010-02-12 13:23:35 +0000 #8
enough to play 10 hours a week, a month later we are invincible you are basically playing a.

However, 10 hours a week do you do?

So, the real point of living alive, bar bar

madtaufik2010-02-12 14:10:22 +0000 #9
Your problems are the most critical is that you have already have a foundation, and tell you how to play you could understand, but we really went wherever he goes, you should carry back to their set, and I fully understand it all too. To tell the truth was to invite a coach, more than a few classmates please call a coach, the coach is requested by the hour not by the head, and called on the 4,5 months, if not assessed how much money. Any video or literal sense, is not big, you used to play has matured, and it is difficult to change the text by looking at video or back, must be a coach. If you really look at the video, then Mody, on-line to find a teaching video to see, and then insist on another play, where his weak moves by pressing repeatedly corrected until the fight again on the familiar course.



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