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YONEX the best of what kind of models the most expensive racket ah

yujiabin_yo_yo2010-02-12 14:02:11 +0000 #1
Will you master, YONEX best what kind of models the most expensive racket ah? As a knowledge want to know, thank you.
denglinyan262010-02-12 14:07:15 +0000 #2
YONEX AT-700 Limited Edition, 08 Olympic Limited Edition Badminton Racket retail price of 3280

Olympic Games approaching, YONEX historic moment for this freeze-frame, in particular, presented the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Commemorative Edition - Chinese Dragon 2008 Collection Edition Gift Set, including the AT-700LTD commemorative edition of a badminton racket, a collection version of quick-drying towels, sports socks, a pair of Olympic commemorative edition, with anti-bacterial hand gel deodorant feature 1, the top line of a badminton, all products are Made in Japan the production, plus a black noble精美礼盒Olympic commemorative packaging, eye-catching logo inlaid with YONEX gold medals, China, limited quantity of 9999 sets, each racket on both laser engraving has a unique serial number, distinguished extraordinary collection of great significance.

Chinese Dragon badminton AT-700LTD is a Chinese dragon design, dragon, surrounded by vivid, magnificent sky. It is reported that the world number one Lin Dan badminton Olympics in Beijing, will also play for Use of This racket.

Beijing Olympics, hundred years, perhaps life has only once; Although not every person can be personally involved, but at the moment but you can have a long time! Chinese Dragon 2008 Collection Edition Gift Set will be available in June a grand, global synchronization, limited edition. Over the same period will also introduce a single AT-250LTD commemorative sticks, with a special significance.

2008 Olympic commemorative limited edition racket YONEX Corporation by the Japanese custom and distribution, sub-regional limits on sale at a limited sale of 9999 China's regional units, SP version of the limited quantity of 5000 units, a small number of other versions, only a few hundred sets of , each of the numbers racket is unique, commemorative and collectible value.

Racket with Chinese red-based tune dragon around the entire shoot pole, the momentum of the sky, it means happy and auspicious, auspicious Hongyun.

Japanese version was available in May, is said to number only 200 or so, a listing was sold out, are already on the market can not buy a.

SP and CH version will be available early in June and early July, due to China's huge market demand, estimated that there will soon be sold out and those who wish to order as soon as possible.

CH version is equipped with aluminum exquisite packaging, is the agency prepared for himself, other versions are single-shot set of Chinese dragon graphics, the following picture.

CH agents set the retail price is 3280 yuan, it is estimated the actual market price of 2,500 yuan.

CH Edition Gift Box Design noble atmosphere, China, limited quantity of 9999 sets, each racket has a unique serial number are laser-engraving, commemorative and collectible value. While another AT-250LTD commemorative edition of the Chinese dragon for sale, with a significant collection.

CH Edition Gift Box contains items are:

Chinese Dragon badminton AT-700LTD, 2008 edition of Sports socks 19019,2008 collection edition collection towels, antibacterial hand gel deodorant function of AC147, the top line of high-level badminton NBG95 line.

Racket parameters

Steel Type: lithography, getting shot :****/ 5000, Grip :******* SP / CH

random number: shoot pole 3862/5000, Grip 100482SP

shot Rod Hardness: Hard

beat box Materials: high elasticity carbon + gForce Ti titanium armor alloy

shoot pole material: HIGH MODULUS GRAPHITE + ULTIMUM TITANIUM (high elasticity carbon + Ti-Ni shape memory alloy)

Racket Weight: 3U (85 -- 89 grams)

Racket Length: 674mm (film shot lengthened 10mm)

Balance: Head Heavy (head heavy balance)

Grip Size: G4, G5 (circumference 86mm)

Recommended tension: vertical line :20-23lbs; horizontal line :22-25lbs

recommended for line: Offensive: BG-65/65Ti/70/80; point type: BG-68Ti/85/66/65

applicable occasion: Souvenir, collectors, professional use

for an object : Seeking greater power, speed and mobility of senior players

Features: AT-700LTD limited commemorative edition of the racket, its appearance and performance with the AT-700 essentially the same, but the colors are different, using YONEX latest ARMORTEC titanium armor technology, special Titanium gForce Ti closely with the carbon fiber composite, badminton racket in reducing the weight at the same time, better performance, enhance the power of film frame.

1, the speed and power of a new realm - an innovative special carbon fiber and titanium metal composite armor structure (Carbon + gForce Ti = ARMORTEC titanium armor technology)

1, complex on the beat box at the top of "gForce Ti" special titanium armor alloy, relative to the carbon fiber to produce a greater force of gravity, to enhance racket ball of energy. gForce Ti is a special titanium compound, can produce two times the gravitational aggressive carbon fiber. Will be deployed on gForce Ti badminton racket before the one-third of the top, so that when the moment of inertia of the racket waving the upgrading, badminton hitting the energy will increase as well.

2, making the first edge of innovative compression structure, enhancing the stability of 3% of the film surface. Special gForce Ti Titanium composite titanium armor, adding co-production box at the top of the edge of compression structures, can effectively resist deformation and distortion of film frames to improve ball-handling skills. In enhancing the stability of 3% of the film surface, while also bringing crisp solid "metal impact of the feeling."

3, a higher pull tension. Beat box by repeatedly carrying capacity improvement, badminton line tension of the film has been greatly enhanced to meet the needs of today's players enjoy some of the needs of high tension. However, we must note that the high-tension line will shoot the players wrist, elbow and shoulder injuries caused by bad or even hidden.

4, racket head titanium armor enhance the gravitational effect of raising the limit smash the ball is 4% (General ball 350km / h, ARMORTEC racket 364km / h).

2, more rapid mobility - for the doubles players to provide a new type of CSCAP precision-guided Grip Cone Cover (Control Support Cap)

1, in the intense doubles match in order to play fast tricky paste tennis, top Players often points of contention in a multi-shot fast confrontation, Grip finger grip to cover the top of the cone. YONEX by a special grip on the top doubles player mode analysis, developed a new type of CSCAP precision-guided Grip cone cover, in order to provide a more rapid swing players the flexibility to adapt more quickly doubles confrontation.

ARMORTEC badminton racket new Grip cone covered badminton patted flat handle than the traditional cone covered expansion of 88% of the usable area. Innovative cone shape and a more generous cap contact plane, so that the thumb is easier to grip and control of the racket, so that high-speed backhand swing to become more agile and precise.

2, shoot lighter weight rods and Grip. Lightweight Ultimum Ti Ti-Ni shape memory alloy film shoot pole and a more compact body weight, so that more flexible body movements and more lightweight footwork moving can be achieved.

3, nickel, titanium Ultimum Ti

YONEX the Ultimum Ti is too Ni alloy composition of the extreme flexibility of an advanced metal (memory alloy), its intensity is three times that of pure titanium metal, flexible carbon fiber two-fold. YONEX will Ultimum Ti alloy wire rod casting in the film, its function is similar to a powerful capacitor can effectively store energy, and in an instant shot using "transient rebound effect", the energy release of the explosive speed of badminton.

4, a square racket head ISOMETRIC

1992 Nian, YONEX epoch-making to create the world's first 1 "ISOMETRIC square head shot" racket. Compared with the traditional rackets, equalization square racket head to provide an extra 32% of the effective hitting area (sweet hitting area), even deviate from the central area of the racket-line bed continuous smash is also able to maintain the corresponding precision and speed. YONEX R & D of this IsometricHead Shape large sweet spot racket, so that offensive players in today's highly competitive international badminton has maintained a clear lead.

5, built-in alloy connector Built-in T-Joint

force shots, the film frame by the torque moment passed to the racket of the T-location, T-bear a huge part of the mechanical load. Deep in the bar and shoot shoot carbon fiber rod junction of the inner built-in T-shaped alloy fittings, so that all YONEX high-precision two-stage process of production of carbon fiber rackets seamlessly linked into a high-strength-in-one racket. This the prestigious Build-in T-Joint world-wide exclusive, so that YONEX racket at the same time both powerful performance and precise ball performance.

6, the lower cassette Box

shoot the box started, using box section design, providing a steady batting surface and a smaller torque, so as to enhance player control capabilities; the same time, box-shaped cross-section shape is designed to shoot boxes lead to better durability, suitable for attacking play.

YONEX badminton racket Yonex NS9900 Price: ¥ 1,720.00 RMB

2009 YONEX opening masterpiece, the legendary YONEX NS series, pinnacle, NS series, the fastest badminton racket

the first light, pole hard, strong torsion, hue stable atmosphere, unisex overcome NS9000X, AT900P, AT700 and so vigorously attacking racket shortcomings.

Feel Brisk while the intensity is the fastest swing a high-YY badminton racket.

YONEX 9900 evaluation report on excerpts from:

This light-weight before and after the first shot Shaodai a little bit of balance and feeling of the first weight. Racket fairly easy to pull, pull 30 pounds when the racket horizontal and vertical deformation are not large. Feels quite solid.

According to unofficial reports, this racket can theoretically withstand 38 pounds of pull.

So, I think NS9900 for improvement in terms of a solid.

I like the NS9900 hardness of the rod. When you hit the ball hard and extra hard feelings between between.

Perhaps NS9900 is a new film's sake, everything is so fresh.

May be due to shooting box design, with 9000X, 9000S comparison, NS9900 waving feeling to be more relaxed.

YONEX unix arch Sword Z (bow and arrow Z) ARC-Z-SLASH badminton racket (photo courtesy of Cyclone ARC-ZS) Price: ¥ 1,720.00 RMB

2009 YY badminton racket design concept for the breakthrough to push the speed

As to the ultimate legend, one of Japan's three major Artifact pheasant grass sword

fast, smash attack when precision

unpredictable, so fabulous!

Badminton Racket ball speed can reach 400 km / h

can be seen the outbreak of instantaneous power, for this specific shot from a powerful cyclone thunderbolt symbol ---

2008 YONEX launched the sword arch 10, after the design of the racket YONEX

started toward the conceptualization, and toward the conceptualization of the speed of the sword

arch 10 and then to NS9900, to the current bow sword Z

YY main concept is the speed limit the speed of

of course be good at playing the concept of YONEX companies found himself a good theoretical support

and that is now 21 points system, the increasingly rapid pace of the game

who can control the speed, who will be able to get the final victory!

Bow sword 10's slogan is - arch-like precision and power of the sword

NS9900's slogan is - challenge the speed limit

while the bow sword to break the Z's slogan is the highest rate of

the official evaluation provided by article, with data supporting

- to kill the ball theoretical speed of 414KM /

for more than several hours are the YY of the most high-end, down is the bow and arrow series. NS series.
superwoman13142010-02-12 14:25:29 +0000 #3
The3rdGame2010-02-12 14:17:06 +0000 #4
racket is not the best, NS9900, ARC - Z. Both are present in the CH edition YONEX racquet racket the highest price.
T_GAY2010-02-12 14:21:47 +0000 #5
good or not is determined by the characteristics of your

such as NS9900, ARC10, lindane used in the Olympic Games AT700
didajidian2010-02-12 15:42:32 +0000 #6
go to this site and look at it might help you



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