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wongkaisen2010-02-12 15:02:14 +0000 #1
I recently spotted a couple of film. . . . Please expert guidance of experienced

yonex of AT250, AT150, AT70, and victor of the TI79

This is 4 shooting that killed the ball in the backcourt doubles than violence? My strength was enough to please guide
! ! ! (By the way on their sexual Price)
Voldemert2010-02-12 15:15:16 +0000 #2
AT series ah, recommended 700! That beat was once the Queen of lindane ah! Violent smash-type! One of my classmates, playing is the AT700! I used the bow and arrow Z actually going to lose his 1921! AT700's too violent! Ready to 1,500 yuan it, buy it, you definitely will not be disappointed! That beat, human weapon ah! I bought a bow Z on the money to buy AT700, and 55555555555555

Also .... huanshidefeng, you actually may have the misconception! I am talking about the score, not pounds, that kid, but Latin America 26 28! I pull the 2527!

If you can not afford 700, then it would buy AT250 bar! This is an entry-level thugs, but a good choice ah! AT250 for the following three kinds of people:

1, entering the stadium, the strength is adequate, but the technology, entry-level mob imperfect!

2, the strength tough, high-level mob after the ball to become friends

3, explosive tough, smash the ball like the Friends

You must be a natural-born thugs, right? AT Series or else how would a soft spot? Techniques can be exercise, but the violence is born!

Only from the most basic AT250 start before this wave, as AT700 AT900P AT900T such Xuantie epee! At that time you can listen to the wonderful "pop" sound to the ball he played in Montreal to find la! I am a technical stream, so only hold Artifact ARC Z opponents play to the strategy to play!
huanshidefeng2010-02-12 15:48:11 +0000 #3
's doubles, then AT50 inexpensive enough to be YY newly developed low-end to violence, then shot

doubles is relatively easy to hit accidentally shot on a 2000 if you really wealthy, or a manufacturer-sponsored, then then I impress

Also upstairs beautiful for words that actually was kind enough to people who beat 1921. . . AT700 If 1921 can play a power I can only say that the other is a super-rookie (who get a little bit explosive pounds will find such a low soft)



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