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Want to buy only the yonex badminton rackets, cost will be around 200-300 up and down, attack, and s

kelefenglewei2010-02-12 15:02:21 +0000 #1

Holy Child Dream2010-02-12 15:18:41 +0000 #2
Oh, how is one to buy Yonex, Yonex in the low-end film is really bad with almost no genuine ,200-300, the Yonex, even if the price of around 500 is not recommended to buy YY, price 1000 following YY bought the brand and the only gimmick only, LZ should not blindly brand name, or the same money you will regret it.

Such a price to buy VICTOR bar, VICTOR Challenger 9500, Super Nano-seven were offensive ones.

Finally, a reminder LZ, if you are just beginners, it is recommended not to buy offensive, getting head injury to the wrist may be too much to buy racket, suitable to their own is the best.



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