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Badminton ball from which three-part

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badminton ball from which three-part? Bottom of the tee in the middle? The top?

Use of professional titles, such as - tee (Fyodor)
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1 tee,

2, the ball skirts

3, the ball-wing



Badminton Badminton Competition Rules Competition Rules (2007)



2.1 ball badminton can be natural materials, synthetic materials, or their blend. No matter what kind of material of the ball, flight performance should be derived from natural feathers and thin-skinned care packages made of cork ball similar to the performance of the ball.

2.2 of natural materials Ball

2.2.1 the ball should be 16 feathers fixed on the ball on the care.

2.2.2 of the feathers on each side from the tee to the length of the feather tip, uniform 62

70 mm.

2.2.3 feather to the top surrounded by a circular with a diameter of 58

68 mm.

2.2.4 feathers applied lines or other suitable materials, fasten

2.2.5 prop up the bottom of the ball is spherical with a diameter of 25

28 mm.

2.2.6 ball weight 4.74

5.50 grams to 2.3 non-natural materials Ball

2.3.1 ball skirt made from synthetic materials to replace natural feathers feathers simulation.

2.3.2 tee shall be as described in 2.2.5.

2.3.3 ball size and weight should be such as 2.2.2, 2.2.3, and 2.2.6 above. However, synthetic materials and natural feathers in the proportion of the performance differences, are allowed no more than 10% margin of error.

2.3.4 in altitude or weather conditions due to inappropriate use of the standard ball where the ball as long as the general style, speed and flight performance remains unchanged, the approval by the relevant member associations, can be adapted for these provisions
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badminton feather classification (Class differences in raw materials):

1, goose feather Material: China Feather has three major producing areas

Sichuan Mao: Every year on April -7

East China Mao: (Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang), -10 months to a year in July Northeast Mao: (Northeast), -12 months to a year in October to make a good fight, fitness weight badminton, Mao Sichuan mainly manufacture durable, beautiful feather ball, to the northeast mainly wool.

Suit their needs is the best to select a bar!

2, feathers to cut rates: a duck, left-right, with an average of about 16 feathers each.

A goose, left-right, with an average of about 20 in each of the feathers.

Competition Class (A) above, the left and right each wing, duck around 3-4 root, root goose is about 5-6.

Standard grade (B), left and right wings of ducks is about 4, geese about 4.

Standard grade (C), the left and right wings of ducks is about 4, geese about 4.

An arrangement of 16 badminton take the same angle of the flight feathers would constitute a good strike, plus the appearance of white feathers, smooth, can be called a super badminton.

Badminton Ball

according to the classification of the materials used in the common points are: rigid plastic, foam, cork these three, the first two mainly used for low-end entertainment with badminton, poor performance, lower cost. High-grade badminton are based on natural soft wooden ball, while the cork ball also can be divided into three categories: the overall cork ball, composite cork ball, recycled cork ball present ball, there are two: a the whole cork ball, low-quality cork material relatively easy to crack, one is the first Taiwan cricket cork fiber composite (synthetic material), the strength of this ball is better.

Taiwan fiber structure of the first cricket:

ball head for the fiber material layer is about 13MM or so, the lower the cork. There are three underlying soft this:

1, the small particle broken cork, hardness Shore 60 below (Taiwan and China cork plant patents);

2, large particles broken cork, hardness Shore 60 or more (Shanghai Dongli ball factory patents);

3,13 MM as a whole cork (Shanghai Chongming Island, Cork plant patent) Shore hardness of 60 or more.

From the above-mentioned three kinds of the use of ball point of view, degree of resistance to fight the whole are far better than cork, since the main reason is one of the first flat cork ball will crack, and Taiwan MDF ball basically not cracking situations. Shoot the ball head is feeling better after the two, playing up the sound more crisp, while non-stick shot. Is generally believed that small particles do not necessarily broken cork ball after the two kinds of good.

There is a view that double-cork - is Taiwan MDF (Complexcork) badminton, hard work degree (Durability) increase over 30%.

Badminton production cycle and resistance to fight requirements:

a goose from hatching to slaughter, in general the growth cycle is 120 days, the glial stem goose feather inside the sponge layer and the body are basically mature, and therefore Badminton will have a certain degree of resistance to the benefits of playing. With the continuous advancement of science and global climate warming, a goose growth cycle is only 90 days, so the relative growth cycle of 120 days is certainly to be somewhat less resistant to playing a number of degrees. Mao's glial layer and the Spongiform stems are not mature enough the main reason. (Technology is fodder improvement, climate is the average temperature rises 2-3 degrees).

How to make badminton more resistant to fight?

Prepare a bowl of near boiling water, the hair part of the badminton ball immersed in water 2-3 minutes, careful not to let the ball the first part of the flooding, the water temperature not lower water cold water must be promptly replaced.

Soaking dried out after the attention of the ball must be dried can be used, so that the processed feathers, good toughness, does not directly hit the ball as long as the hair on the ball a lot of resistance to fight would have been higher. With particular attention to, if not 5-6 days after treatment should be re-used within the processing time to buy is another feather if the ball because of its structure and intensity inferior to goose feather to deal with the effects would be bad.

The reason:

1, feather goose feather more than fat;

2, feather Spongiform little difficult to suck water vapor, so little effect



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