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Tianjin Shengda Steel2010-02-12 16:01:54 +0000 #1
For amateurs like me to consider only the durable

would like to recommend several good-looking map Thank you, I look like Which thank you compare the price Well

200 or so!
-------- ---

heard friends say that our shop badminton 80 Li Ning is a brand-name goods posted Li Ning brand do
Youming Kaze no Fox2010-02-12 16:06:07 +0000 #2
Taobao before I bought, 160, Yonex rough shoot! Novice playing feel good! To be the case, I can help you look for addresses
mad_tudou2010-02-12 16:37:42 +0000 #3
I bought the victory of the previous paragraph Flame 3531 (blue) wrapped around 22 pounds of blue BG65 line is very beautiful, a total of 210. I am also a novice, a different tempo feel in my hands basically no difference between Han I heard this beat and lines all came to durability, color is also quite good looking
_ Xiaofeng moon _2010-02-12 17:19:49 +0000 #4
200 or so can be considered Victor victory, Kaisheng , Kawasaki and other brands of low-end film series, are some of the high cost of primary beat, but the prices are genuine about 200, 200 below, there will be, such as Victor's Flame 3531, bought an empty film about 160-170, it is popular, you go to paste bar as well as major badminton badminton forum take a look, we know that I am using a Victor Intermediate film, these brands are very good. Then have to remind you that the so-called high千万不要买imitation, even businesses with more than you say it nicely, do not come out to buy flowers, high-fake = fake, but the beat and authentic shape to do the same, there is no the value and meaning, this price you can buy genuine victory, Kason, why buy fake? YY's beat at least cost-effective can be considered to be thousands, hundreds of blocks of money to buy YY is not recommended.

Li Ning, 80 normal, because it is not a regular badminton rackets, but in general aluminum alloy to do, usually outside of casual play. If you love the sport, it is best not to buy such a racket.

Finally, if you want to know more, or my answer is in doubt, you can go to Baidu search the major badminton forum to help more powerful Okami. Baidu paste Badminton Bar able to understand where there is a lot more.

I am also a junior fans.

Finally according to your requirements to give you several recommended: Victor Flame 3531, Flame 3530, Raytheon 1130 (in fact, Victor's, Wind & Fire lightning series very well).

As for the technology, can only say, multi-play multi-practice to look at, the most important is a multi-practice, and the rest are meaningless. :22-23 pounds can be. After you know how much of the pull.

By the way a mention: the so-called rough film, original film, high-shot is a type of imitation, which is fake --- to Huyou people .............
vieto_yoyo2010-02-12 17:43:10 +0000 #5
Personal Recommended:

120-130 yuan: the victory of the low-end, such as the 2,240,224,133,593,360 other.

150 yuan of: Kason 2046

230 yuan: the victory of 6400 (slightly hard), 6500 (slightly soft)

The above price is the price of an empty film is basically "cost +10%" profit, the specific number depends on how you can get haggling effort

7 years ago, I also used a LN of the shoot, and like you said not now the kind of advertising by the state Xi'er OEM cargo, bad to use. I personally feel the characteristics of Li Ning beat on a word: expensive
Sunset Cliffs2010-02-12 17:52:00 +0000 #6
put a finger on the beat of the pole, take a look at balance of location is where it is. Offensive front, the middle is both offensive and defensive, more balanced, on the list is a defensive type. yy a lot of very good! Imitation on the list!
Zi Yun Xiao 20092010-02-12 17:37:36 +0000 #7
Select badminton racket, then, may according to your own actual situation, mainly to see what kind of play their own style, like what kind of way.



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