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Li Ning TB200C and BP300C on the issue, badminton masters come! ! -

Cold murder a day Gen2010-02-12 16:02:07 +0000 #1
I want to buy a badminton racket, when the New Year, the first phase is Li Ning superconducting nanometer TB200C, was because he is a superconducting nano, and is silver-gray, I want a black. Li Ning, was found on the three-dimensional weaving BP300C, Taobao sold 608 yuan, said genuine, but also a shop selling 704 yuan, and 608 of the seller is a crown, I want to buy it. However, Baidu, I feel that we did not think this brand Li Ning, Li Ning, okay? Which one of these two beat better? I am the captain of the school badminton team, attacking game, to an offensive shot, smash-type or migraine attack is required. What else recommend what a good beat, do not unix, and boycotts of Japanese products! !
Small √ Asahi2010-02-12 16:06:34 +0000 #2
Li Ning, the tempo is still very good

see your face on a boycott of Japanese goods shall recommend you beat

Model: BP300C Color: Black + Yellow Material: carbon fiber pole shoot hardness: Partial Hard

Weight: W2: 81g-84g, W3: 85g-89g balance: W2: 300; W3: 295

Length: 675mm Grip Size: S2 (3 2 / 8 Yingcun), S3 (3 3 / 8 inches)

Grip Length: 200mm recommended pounds: main line :20-24lbs horizontal :22-26lbs

Performance characteristics: both offensive and defensive side attack Listing Date: May 2009 Market Price: 1180

Li Ning-dimensional knitting series BP300C, aggressive high-end badminton

as Li Ning, the national team players after the film series of high-end professional badminton racket series, three-dimensional woven 3D series applied the number of the latest badminton racket technology: three-dimensional braided carbon fiber-free nail holes, machine wing constant systems, nano-technology, all-round mechanical optimization of racket, etc.

Li Ning BP300C badminton is the most violent of the most mysterious one, 90 grams of weight, the maximum balance of 299 points, are a perfect interpretation of the violence, the overall green glossy black spray paint, beat box 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock direction so that the whole badminton racket python scale patterns, such as a predator of the python!

Many of our customers, holding in his hand waving a few, are invariably think of this film feel like YY in the TI10, but the head is more violence, brandishing End BP300C Zaiqu sword wielding bow 10, bow 10 feels very lightweight and non - enjoyable!

Three technologies, achievements Li Ning refined three-dimensional braided carbon series of extraordinary strength:

Highlights 1: Non-nail holes Technology: beat box 3 points and 9 o'clock position, using wire hole and shoot one frame molding, to addition to the traditional care line nails, the network cable in direct contact with the film frame, so that force feedback is more direct and clear, hit the ball faster and more powerful!

Highlights 2: wings constant system: in order to create a super-elastic titanium alloy 3G racket 3,9 points and the section above. The memory of his outstanding qualities of the metal will allow the rapid deformation film frame reset, torsion of greatly enhanced!

Highlights 3: three-dimensional braided carbon fiber: the racket itself is used in three-dimensional braided carbon fiber, carbon fiber has a higher than normal strength and rigidity, durable! Allegedly from preparation to processing, in addition to the endpoint, in the middle not cut off any of a bunch of fiber, thus eliminating the film body joints. So as to create a racket, so you really handy, such as the arm so that

the last General Li Ning, online shopping discount rate is normally about 6.5 fold in this brand End 767

1180 fold price fairly can remember about 700 is not freeloaders normal price
Hxz19872010-02-12 16:50:10 +0000 #3
Hehe - Li Ning, the tempo is really not as good as YY good, this is undeniable.



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