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69,830,7272010-02-12 17:01:41 +0000 #1
My beat is the Kawasaki 1000 models, it is written, 18-22 pounds, I want to pull 22 pounds, would like to know the beat is not able to afford to live. Now pull is 20 pounds to pull a 22-for-giving suggestions. I am novice!
lie with small wooden JJ2010-02-12 17:18:20 +0000 #2
can afford, usually 18-22 pounds of shot mark can definitely pull 22 pounds. Novice in general do not have too much pull, some practiced for several years in amateur ball is pulled 24-25 lbs.

I learned on the pounds before the ball is also no concept of, and later learned the school had made power moves slowly feel bad with the original beat, and later bought the victory of nano-series and YY is the Nano-9000, felt experience of the following :

Victory film can withstand high-pounds, the maximum I have pulled over 30 pounds, but the victory of film designed specifically for amateur golfers of the damping system, bar and shoot the film the connections. Such a palm of the hand when hitting a sense of shock will diminish a lot of professional players are not accustomed to use, force feedback are not allowed to, and control the ball well.

YY number of offensive series of the racket frame and shoot the film very hard-rod design, the general effect has been pulled 24-25 lbs, and the victory of Plato's hand is almost 30 pounds.

Any kind of racket on the line, even if it does not play, put it aside for a period of time, which in itself would be lost pounds. Professional players generally once a month or two months of the racket should take the initiative to cut back on the line over line, in order to maintain the feeling is (and sometimes do not take the initiative to cut, they often Lianqiu interrupted line, passive go on the line) . Amateur golfers in general economic capacity would allow me also recommend renewed every three months the last line, do not wait until the off-line play scared like the non-appearance is not cut off line, unless you are a street family do not care about the ball, then another when the ought likewise to the.

There is another problem, that is, the relationship between movement and pounds. Swing, the more formal, issued by the power of the greater use of pounds could be higher. Of course, the line also more easily broken.

With that is that low-pounds can be refined, high-elastic line, has raised pounds can only use 65 lines. Ti65 pounds and elastic to withstand the line was already well balanced, I have been using.

Re-attached you a little knowledge is a professional team retired MM told me, that is, beat the cut line after the break-line that only a small know-how, especially high-pounds of the film can not easily take the scissors to cut from the middle of open to, but rather from four weeks (on a knife stab wound to the left under the knife stab wound to the right) to center cut, this film is not easy to destroy. Because shooting line while the interruption, but the other did not pull off the role of the line there is the racket, if the cut is not good, the remaining tension will pull the collapse of the racket frame.
Potato cabbage2010-02-12 17:19:02 +0000 #3
I have been doing threading a living, but also seen on such introduction, if your tempo beat is pure carbon, generally within the Pull warranty and what is not problematic, 22 pounds is absolutely can withstand, the Yonex racket in quality assurance in general are low, in between 19-25 pounds, but pulled 26,27 are possible, but this exceeds the scope of the general factory warranty is not given warranty , and novice to play is generally recommended 20-22 pounds in pounds, if the person threading technology is good enough you can pull enough pounds, at 22 pounds should be able to, and then high, afraid you could not move, also easily cut his arm! Racket usually pounds more than 5% of its warranty will be continued within the framework of pounds of pull, but it would be detrimental to beat this long life, it is recommended the best time to pull the racket in accordance with the warranty provided by the scope of the reference ! Whether to use and do not beat, after a period of time would be a natural off pounds, which is normal, as the number of pounds lost on the see through line technology, and technology, good, out of the less technological gap, and out of the multi!
Tributaries _2010-02-12 18:18:31 +0000 #4
a new film, then generally lower than the recommended number of something to become. After pulling on the pounds according to the guidance.

In general need to change a line of two of three months.



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