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How to practice to improve skills in badminton backhand the ball after the games?

Blue sky white clouds Amin2010-02-12 17:01:54 +0000 #1
To be real materials, and concrete.
shining white infinite2010-02-12 17:03:43 +0000 #2
how to break the power of the backhand hair -

backhand hair strength for amateurs is a bottleneck for technological upgrading, if able to break through this bottleneck, then badminton would be upgraded to a new level. Why do so many amateur golfers feel that they are hand-made power is very easy, but it is difficult to find the same backhand hair power feel? -

This is because the sport is actually the body's rules of some kind of unnatural movement. Playing badminton, too, play in fact learn the habit of issuing power movement, in other words, is learning the body, arm, wrist, fingers along a specific direction, a specific path the movement issued a variety of customary power of action. For example, the reason why you are playing well in hand golf is that you have mastered how to make better use of his right leg pedal to swivel the power of experience to the forehand shot swing the arm hair force of internal rotation essentials, but when you learn backhand lob, you need to know is how to tread with his left leg to twist the power, the backhand shot swing when you need to realize that the arm external rotation strength of the feeling of hair. Although the power of the intervening fat rhythm, timing is similar, but the grip, swing posture, hair force tactics, action, hitting film surface, the angle has undergone many changes. -

Backhand key hair Moves -

playing backhand lob, a lot of details need to know technology. The arm swing, wrist action synchronization hair strength and backhand fingers made of power made two key moves the use of force, for good or bad backhand force has made a key impact. Such as through specialized training, will be issued backhand power combining techniques and strength training exercises for the backhand promote hair strength have a significant effect. -

For the beginners, how to master the arm swing, wrist and fingers 3 fat power movement synchronization is the backhand hair strength in a difficult, using clever hair strength trainer to lofty backhand swing the ball do the same action practice (see Training 1), can help you quickly master the most comfortable and reasonable force backhand hair moves his body to remember the relative position and swing time, and then when you hit the ball in the field, combined with a need to adjust their own pace in place , in the most effective position and issued a backhand shot a relaxed and strength. -

Backhand fingers made flexible use of force is to prevent a lot of amateur golfers backhand to enhance the bottleneck of which the key is whether a reasonable allegations of the use of hand-made film to form a reasonable power of leverage (see training 2), namely, the thumb and the index finger to form a finger grip Grip made the fulcrum of power, the latter three referring to hair force will produce a strong flexor torque. Fat finger the fulcrum of power and torque in effect, through the clever hair strength trainer, the intensity of the fingers can be trained more easily grasp the backhand fingers made the fulcrum of power and torque of the Department Magical. -

When you use the power of clever trainer made repeated moves to complete a hair strength, you will always get better and better. This is both for forehand or backhand hair strength are applicable. Like riding car, clip chopsticks, walking, as we have just started trying when they seem to be a very difficult task, but because of repeated practice, these have become your instincts, so that you do not do not want to be able to do. -

Training 1: backhand arm, wrist, fingers synchronized hair strength -

Training Objective: To master the backhand stroke swing key hair strength moves, master arm external rotation, wrist, fingers synchronized hair strength. -

Training methods: hand-held hair strength trainer Qiao, elbows swarmed stationary, arm and arm angle of approximately ninety degrees, according to the backhand swing essentials, to the elbow as the pivot arm external rotation Hui beat to the highest point, while flexor hair force, wrist full of outreach. -

Training times: 20 to 30 times each waving (in the shoulder, arm muscles Suanzhang sense of moderation). -

This exercise is the fat the way strength combined with strength training exercises, a higher exercise intensity, a few minutes of practice you can achieve the effect of muscle exercise, exercises should slow down the speed and learn homeopathy hair force, carefully following Experience Fat force essentials: -

1) pedal to swivel the pretext of the strength of the completion of actions: This exercise focused on training arm external rotation to accelerate the wrist hair driving force exercises with the backhand swing to twist the hair when the pedal force co-training, a better effect. Either forehand or backhand, pedal to swivel swing is always a major source of strength, and only on this basis, through the fingers, wrist, forearm rotation driving force Fa will show amazing role. -

2) master the backhand of the explosive points: tread carefully to understand his left leg to twist the power, how to spread from the waist, shoulder, arm strength to swing upward fired, hitting an instant, realize the wrist hair force, Fat finger force synchronization. -

Practice exhausted badminton racket can be replaced by fast swing practice, the speed can be accelerated quickly in the fast-waving badminton racket to experience hair strength and forearm pronation and wrist strength both made the coordination of synchronized hair force essentials. -

Training 2: Strengthening the backhand fat finger strength exercises -

the use of force trainer for clever fat fingers fat backhand strength exercises, practicing moves, play the backhand with the actual finger force point is exactly the same hair, so play 2 training of a remarkable effect: One is to strengthen the power of finger-fat parts of the exercise; second is to develop the real power of feeling fat fingers to achieve a multiplier effect. -

Training Objective: To strengthen the power of the backhand lob fat finger movement, exercise arm muscles, strengthen the hair strength of flexor efforts to master the arm external rotation, wrist and fingers to synchronize hair strength. -

Training Views: Repeat exercise 20 to 30 times each waving (in arm muscles, shoulder, Suanzhang sense of moderation).

1) grip to fully relax, enabling finger hair force: in the preparation of shots to the thumb index finger as the fulcrum of the racket grip clip, the latter three fingers of light ride the end of the Grip, the palm of the hand is empty, Grip the end to leave the palm of your hand ( This can be more easily grasp the rotating Grip flexor made sense), hitting the top edge, through the thumb, flexor rotating hair racket angle 90 degrees, in the rotating moment and then grip the racket, after the completion of this action grip like a normal hand torch state. Backhand edge technology combined with fat fingers on the wrist, arm and waist joint use, can generate large forces. -

2) slow down, exercise, pay attention to experience arm external rotation with the wrist, fingers, hair force the coordination of simultaneous actions, how the thumb and index finger grip Grip as a fulcrum, when the thumb, the top edge, flexor hair force, After the three-finger with the thumb of how the top edge of the fulcrum effect, and better rackets flexor rotating hair and control hair force arm finger muscle tension and relaxation is what it feels like. -

3) to strengthen efforts to force the fingers fat: fat fingers grasp the force must first strengthen the finger strength, that is, the intensity of the fingers, including thumb, the top edge of the flexor issued after the three-finger force strength. The key is to be issued in a small space forces the use of the thumb after the top three-finger flexor force and hair force, creating a powerful high-speed rotation torque of the racket, the power and maneuverability will be delivered to the ball. -

Practice exhausted could be replaced by badminton racket to swing practice and experience the power of the effect of fat fingers, and essentials. For more forearm rotation within and outside the hair strength, wrist hair force, finger strength in practicing moves, hair demonstration video and technical points to explain, it could further see the clever hair strength Training Network ( -

Summary -

regarding the issuance of power, world champion Zhao Jianhua had a profound conclusion, "badminton hair force, is to learn how the body to focus on the very edge is a point in the outbreak, rather than contribute to waste in a 10-point at. " Badminton hair strength outbreak of the most critical point is to hit those moments, where the forces are concentrated in the moment. -
3829162322010-02-12 17:31:33 +0000 #3 This is a backhand exercise video, a good look
jadeting78hb2010-02-12 18:08:44 +0000 #4
The best thing is to use his head instead of backhand shots.

Here are some of the experiences my backhand bar.

First of all, footwork. For example, I was right-handed. The right foot heel first landing, this will help improve the stability of the footwork for hitting action preparation.

Then, action. From the forehand grip to backhand grip, the racket is right for the ball. The right arm back to (that is, the right arm inward turn). Ball when the arm driven by the entire body, the force to the wrist, the ball that moment, the wrist force.

Finally, the sweet spot. Higher sweet spot as far as possible. So you will not be passive, with little effort to use.

Look at some video, after more practice. Slowly. Not urgent. Practicing with an empty look on the wrist edge.



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