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How to get the national-level badminton player cards

Tong Shao2010-02-12 17:02:13 +0000 #1
to get what level of game performance cars? Middle School Students National Badminton Championships work?
asong1456562010-02-12 17:16:30 +0000 #2
badminton players a standard:

any one of the following conditions may apply for a grant the title of an athlete.

(A) in more than 10 countries to participate in international tournaments or the International Invitational Tournament and the International Badminton Federation Grand Prix series four stars and above, the availability of any one item fourth to eighth athletes;

(b) of the World Youth Championship access to the individual third to eight (tied for fifth place) in athletes;

(3) in the national competition, was awarded a top athlete among the top three groups other than athletes, and the fourth to the sixth member of the team; the country won the individual competition of the ninth to 16 athletes;

(4) in the National Youth Championship, Group A was the second to the individual and the mixed doubles, four B of the individual Qianer Ming;

(5) in the national youth competition, access to male 16-year-old group, 15 females, age group athletes in the individual championship.

So, the National Badminton Championship, of course, including the high school students.



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